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So upon more reflection, which i seem to be doing alot as of late, im connecting more of my issues to insecurity. So this is sort of a long story. Sooo around 7th grade, i was 12, i started gaining weight. Its was strange because none of my normal habits changed. Now i assume its was just because i was a growing kid. I started slouching in attempt to hide it, which now has left my spine deformed. Even though i was never insulted all that much for it i become very sensitive about it, my weight that is. I remember being in complete denial about it. I started growing other insecurities, but im not going to talk about those. I geuss it wasnt that long if a story 😂 Anyways, this is an insecurity i still have today. My biggest insucurity. I know that its irrational. But i dont know what to do. I let my insecurities control me, hold me back. Im to afraid to do anything outside my routine. I want to change, i want to be normal. Its hard, and im not sure how to change. There was more i was going to say but i forgot it lol.

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Hey Josh

We all carry insecurities which can easily hold us back in life. It is really positive that you want to change and be normal whatever that is. There will be someone who can help you work this through perhaps you haven't met them yet. When we determine to change it means we must change our behaviour/routine in some way(s) so that the outcome isn't always the same. How old are you now? Let us know more when you remember it!

Take care.


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