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Finding things very hard going

Hi everyone

I posted previously about having difficulty accessing mental health services due to my severe chronic pain which means I'm unable to attend continuous CPN and mental health appts.

I have know increased my setraline to 150mg from 50mg after visiting my GP. The CPN informed me that she does not deal with medication but I may carry on taking lorazepam 1mg once or twice a day for anxiety from distressing life events.

I'm finishing my telephone counselling this week for trauma after over a years worth of counselling. There is a waiting list of

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Hello Aurorasparkle,

I am very sorry that you are going through such a difficult time, with continuous severe pain and mental health issues. Being in such severe pain every day is exhausting and can be very hard to cope with. Perhaps you could let our new members know a little about your history, so that people on this forum who are very kind, can offer you their advice and experience. I wonder what medication you are prescribed for your pain? Is this effective? Also and please forgive the questions, I wonder has your doctor referred you to a chronic pain clinic, where other pain relieving medications (like epidural injections) may help you. Sometimes with chronic pain, it can take a variety of different treatments to help relieve even some of the pain severity. Perhaps even if you did not feel well enough to visit your GP at the surgery, you could ask to be referred to see a chronic pain consultant. Have you tried some heat treatments? Hopefully the increase in your Sertraline may help you to cope with your pain a little better. Perhaps you may be able to get on the waiting list again for telephone counselling. Please keep your GP informed of how you are and keep asking for any support that you feel you can access, both for your mental health issues and your severe pain. We wish you the very best and take things as easy as you can, so that your pain is not exacerbated. Let us know how you are getting on, so that you will receive much support from our very supportive community members. Can anyone share their experiences with Aurorasparkle, many thanks?...............with very best wishes to you.



Thankyou for your reply. I was going to finish and then I posted it by mistake.

I'm already under a really good pain consultant. I'm on the right medication and get back injections every 4 months or so.

Being in chronic pain means that medication helps to an extent but does not kill all the pain. I'm under a endometrosis specialist after having 2 major operations for endometriosis. This has resulted in chronic pelvic pain which means I have severe pelvic pain everyday. I also have facet joint and si problems meaning my back goes into spasm and hurts all the time. I also have bad leg and arm pain from Lipodema which I have had for about 12 yrs and only diagnosed recently. I have special MLD massages for this and wear compression. I also have all over body pain from fibromyalgia like Lady Gaga.

I'm due another back injection in 6-8 weeks time.

, I'm waiting on an eye operation for an adult squint due to floppy muscles related to a stroke at birth. This has left me

With a permenant visual processing disorder and dyslexia in maths and dyspraxia.

I had to give up the job I loved to the severity of my chronic pain.

I have been in pain since my early twenties and am 38 now. I've been on medication for depression and anxiety since my first breakdown at 21. I had another at about 31 and another blip a few yrs later. This was linked to my GAD and my dads abuse which I kept secret from the many mental health people I have seen but was neglected by my gps and told my severe physical pain was all in my head leading to serious consequences to my health.

I have suffered mental and emotional abuse by my father up until two yrs ago along with my mother.

I have contacted an organisation recommended by my CPN for some outreach support for people with long term conditions.



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