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CPN very rarely turns up.

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Hi, I've just found this site and I'm looking for some advice...my cpn is supposed to visit me at home every 4-6 weeks, she very rarely turns up and doesn't bother to phone to say she won't be coming. for the last 2 years my partner and my son have been telling me to complain about her but I suffer with low mood and low confidence and don't want to cause trouble. However it's just got stupid now, she was supposed to come yesterday and promised she wouldn't let me down, she didn't turn up and no phonecall either. She didn't turn up the last time and the time before that she did turn up but that was after I'd had to phone her because she hadn't turned up the time before that! She has jokingly said that she is a terrible cpn and for me to feel free to report her to her supervisor she has also joked that she doesn't like me, when she doesn't turn up it plays on my mind with questions like 'Is it just me?' or does she do this to all her patients? I don't find her professional at all and she has raised her voice to me a few times, I don't really want to see her anymore and would love a more professional cpn who listens without prejudice. I really don't know what to do now I really don't see the point in her arranging to come and see me just for her to let me down again. Has anyone else had a problem like this I just need some advice on what to do.

17 Replies
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Hi Vivienleigh,

It does not seem right that you are left waiting time after time for your CPN to call and see you, then does not turn up and without any explanation. This will cause you more anxiety and more upset. Your family are right and though you do not like to complain, I think this is your only option. Particularly that when you do see her you do not really get on well with her. There are a few options you can try. First of all , you could go and see your GP who possibly made the referral in the first place. Explain the situation and ask to be referred to a new CPN , as soon as possible. Or you may have the contact number of the CPN organisation/manager. As you don't want to complain as such, you could do this verbally on the phone, or ask your family to make the call. You can say that this particular CPN does not turn up and you are becoming more distressed with the situation and ask for another person to come and see you. It does not have to be officially in writing, unless verbally you do not get a suitable response. I hope this helps but do try and sort this out as you need the support and help that is available to help you feel better........very best wishes and good luck to you......

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vivienleigh in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you so much for your reply and support, I have decided to write a letter to whoever is in charge of my CPN I just need to find out who it is. My psychiatrist has just left and I'm waiting for a new one. Reading back on what I wrote I can't believe I've let it go on for this long really, it's been very frustrating and has caused me added stress that I really don't need as I also suffer from anxiety. Thank you again for your support.

Hi you don't have to give any reason for refusing to see a counsellor and asking for a change. It might be easier just to say you want to change and leave it at that. If they do ask why just say you don't feel very comfortable with her. That is fine. x

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vivienleigh in reply to

Thank you for your reply it's much appreciated.

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I agree with the others. I am in a professional role and while I am not perfect, that would be nice, this person sounds unprofessional. The 'jokes' are not funny. She is being paid to do a job that she is not fully doing.

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vivienleigh in reply to mysmugcat

Thank you for your reply and support, you're right the jokes aren't funny and I am not comfortable with her even when she does bother to turn up. I'm going to find out who her supervisor is and write to them requesting another CPN.

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Hey - I find this so upsetting. She seems very unprofessional and it can’t help with how you’re feeling - if anything - I imagine it only makes things worse. I completely understand that your low confidence is making you too anxious to complain. I have the same problem! You should look into the advocacy service, they’re there to intervene when you’re not getting the support you need. I’ve never used them but I imagine they will be able to speak on your behalf if you find it difficult to do so. Have a look at this link and see if it could be helpful for your situation. Though I do sympathise with those in that profession as the NHS is so under-resourced and over-stretched, you deserve adequate support!


Best of luck, I hope things improve for you. x

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Thank you for your reply and support, I'll definitely look at the website you've recommended x

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I have had a cpn like this before she used to always miss appointments and never call. Whe she did visit she was always going through my things and asking about stuff she found like Viagra pills a small knife none of it was her business. I used to think idle hand are the devils playground when I saw her She was a real nutcase and very sarcastic about mental health.'are you ok' nodding head and blowing a fat kiss.

if you want try calling after a missed visit the main treatment centre explain how you haven't seen her for ages and you want to confirm the next visit. Be overkill about how long its been as the receptionist need a small bit of motivation it's a legal requirement you are seen Just do it every time she skips you and doesn't arrange a new appointment. Eventually she will get rotated out anyway.

Another option is to explain how the situation your in with your condition is such a way that it is aggravated by the care provided from this particial person ultimately you no longer wish to see them.

Consider asking to be more involved in your recovery and ask for access to support workers. Most team leaders or CPN have to provide these services. They come once a week and complaining ateam leader is much easier as a support worker will go straight to the doc and get you a new one without hurting anyone feelings. It's probably best to ask the doctor about how available support workers are for you. If you are denied access initially.

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Sarah1111111Ambassador in reply to OMGPotatoe

my gosh yours sounds awful too - did you report her?

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OMGPotatoe in reply to Sarah1111111


Honestly I have bigger issues with my health in general when I have had issues in the past it was because I was delusional and belived my care team were old friends or ppl from down the steet. Haveing one who isn't like a hallucination is really a high score in my books so I just deal with them warts and all. But I can understand how you feel because a bad team leader is no way near as good in health terms.

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vivienleigh in reply to OMGPotatoe

She sounds horrible! did you complain about her? my CPN is really nosey too, always looks round and if she sees something new always asks how much it was! thank you for your advice.

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OMGPotatoe in reply to vivienleigh

I've never reported anyone. But I have asked not to see someone again to my doc.

I found it helpful.

The doc might want more info. Just be honest.

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definitely ask to see someone else - it does not sound like she is giving you the care that you need. Might be easier to email or write to them rather than over the phone so you can prepare what you want to say and get it over clearly. If you can include dates she didn't turn up etc as evidence that would help. If you dont hear from the manager you can write to the PALS service in your area who will support your complaint. The Mind helpline can also offer advice.I am sure you aren't the only one she is doing this to. It might even do her a favour because it might get them to review her case load if she has too many to be able to look after everyone properly.

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Unfortunately, you are not alone. I don't get home visits even though I have been assessed as a risk to self and others if I drive. I last saw my CPN on 4th August 2017 and no further appointment has been made even though she has acknowledged that she needs to see me. If you live in England then you should complain to the Patient Experience Team for the Trust in charge of Mental Health Services in your area. Google will be able to help you find that out. Good luck and don't put up with it, get the help you are clearly entitled to x

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Hi there sorry to hear your having problems with your cpn she is being totally unprofessional making comments to you whether in jest or not! Don't feel bad about reporting her at the end of the day it's your health that's important! Please say something soon and save your self anymore problems you may even be given a cpn that actually cares about you! Please take care and God bless david

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Just came across this post. Have things improved for you now? x

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