Well today is my birthday and ive managed to keep it together.

Need to give some background, my partner has a daughter and where his ex lives has mice, she is petrified of them so I can understand her phobia. His ex came to stay last Monday for the night, she left Friday morning cos my parents were coming for the weekend. However, they are going tomorrow and I have a horrible feeling they will be back.

Going back to my birthday, it has been just another day, did everything we do every weekend and he has not done anything special.

Sorry need to get it off my chest as I'm at the point of crying

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  • happy birthday to you.lets hope your partner has a little special something for you later.

  • The only nice thing is he isn't snoring as loud tonight

  • Please remind him it was your Birthday. Otherwise .... Well I suppose you could forget when his birthday comes around. Sorry if that sounds mean, But Birthdays are special so I wish you a Very Happy Belated Birthday 🌻🌻🍫🍫🌸🌻🌻🎂

  • Thank you that's nice of you.

  • Happy Birthday!! 💐

  • Happy Birthday hun

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