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Destroying my family

I'm having a major withdrawal from Ritalin as I'm trying out a new drug which up to now has been working really well.

Now the problem exists that I'm now in withdrawal and having to up my new meds. There not working and I'm treating my wife like shit. Well actually I'm taking every piece of anger out on her.

You know would just love a rest bite from me self. I even told my wife i want to spend my birthday on my own next week as I don't deserve to have a nice day.

I really do want to just leave my phone at home and just disappear for a few days.

I could tonne honest just disappear of the planet. I feel to numb to be depressed to be honest.

I have so much more to write but I just can't be arsed.

I don't need sympathy I don't even need a reply to be honest.

Just needed to have a gentle rant.

Bye bye keep smiling fellow friends

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Hi Fidgity,

Just a quick reply to say, we are here for you. Better for you to put your thoughts down in the forum than keep them bottled up inside. Keep talking to your family about what you need to cope.

My friend found this help link about the Ritalin withdrawal problems. I hope it helps.



Hi blackcat

Thanks for the link,very helpful

Cheers 😁


Ah finished work and at home to chill a little.

Cheers mate . Had a real good read of the link and just as I thought but didn't really know what the time frame on the withdrawal was.

I had been lucky up to now but I guess this week was when it was really showing.

Any how's spoke to physciatrist after reminding them they had broken the rule book and had not got back to me with in the Alloted 24 hrs.

I just threatened them in a polite way of course that if some one doesn't call me with in 10 mins I'm coming down to the mental health centre and gonna sit there till something was sorted.

Bingo right on ten mins.

And yeh got new meds upted to help me with the withdrawal and now I feel so much calmer now and feel a good weekend coming on.

I just feel so sorry for ppl with mental health problems that can voice out and get what thy should require.

All I got was apology and said well we have had some problems .

I said well I can't even drive to quote for a job to earn me money.

Last time this happened they took 4 days to come back to me.

I'm glad that my physciatrist and I have a very good understanding and he trusts me on the use of my meds and the feed back.

I do take about 5 different Meds and has taken a while to get them just right.

Thanks again

For every one being there for me.

It's not very often that I require help as you can see from my posts.

But as I said it was a page or wall this morning for me to rant and rage at instead of my poor lovely dedicated wife who I love so much and as helped me and supported me and pushed me through thick and thin


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