its me again.. something weird happened

um hello again haha, feel like this could become like a lil diary entry.

um well since the last time i posted, got a full time job, quite college, and had a breakdown.. yay :(

but what i want to ask about is..something weird is going on, i was in bed yesterday after going doctors, and i could hear this faint crying sound ( i was home alone ) but then i tried to get some sleep, and i had a dream that this figure was standing at the edge of my bed? tellling me to wake up and saying my name, and that theyre coming and when i woke up i could hear my name being called, they were telling me to go downstairs and open the door but slam the door with my arm trapped in it?

i got really freaked out and havent told anyone.. i dont know whats going on, it was the first time its happened... i know it wasnt my mum or brother i could hear because i was home alone, please help me discover whats going on....


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6 Replies

  • Hello Maria

    If you feel you are been told to self harm it would be very important you talk to the GP about this problem.

    If you start or consider Self Harming, with voices or not you need to take advice and a possible treatment plan will need to be possibly made out. Personally I would be concerned if I was in this state and this problem can be treated


  • Yes, I agree with Bob. Please go and see your GP about this. They can offer help and support and you shouldn't try and deal with this alone. Please let us know how you got on. xx

  • Oh and Maria, you are not the only one who hears/sees things that are not there. Don't you be thinking that you are x

  • Hi this sounds like either a nightmare or night terrors. Terrors are frightening but nothing to wory about. x

  • I get night terrors well when I actually sleep that is and they are very scary . In mine someone is stood by the bed and then tries to strangle me whilst a rat is walking by my head . I saw somewhere that when you start to go into it , that's if you have it just on the cusp of sleep, then it's good to screw your face and wiggle your toes . It works I have stopped a few terrors by doing it . Go see your dr it's important and do it soon please , 😇💕

  • Hi Maria I agree with Bob, get yourself to your GP, the sooner the better. If you have more than one GP at your doctor's and you know one better ( or get on better with ) than the others try and get a appointment with them.

    One thing I would advise is that when you go to the doctors take someone else with you, someone who you are close to who knows, understands and is sympathetic to the problems you are having or have had recently. Two pairs of ears are better than one. Do let them ( as well as yourself ) talk to and ask questions to the doctor, they may think of something that you haven't thought of or don't understand what the doctor means or why they are advising this or that treatment.

    Are you taking any medication, it could be that which is affecting you but even if you think it is DO NOT STOP TAKING IT without first talking to a doctor.

    PLEASE GET YOURSELF TO YOUR GP NOW. Pick up the phone and tell the receptionist what your problems are and tell them it is urgent that you see a doctor.

    Sorry for going on and shouting (LOL) at you but this is important and please do post back on here letting us know how things are going whether good or bad, we do care.

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