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How is everyone

I had a lot of support from some really top people yesterday that I would say we're really switched on and supportive. I know that's what this site of for but but for anyone who is reluctant to post or just needs someone to vent or talk to by all means send me a message . I'm a good listener and I will do my best to help you if I can't .

Thanks again for yesterday everyone

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Hi this is a really good site isn't it? I didn't respond to your posts coz everything had been said but I want to let you know I did read them. Onward and upwards! x


Thanks mate you know where I am if you want to talk x

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Thank you Ross that is very kind of you, x


I'm actually ok today thanks mate how are you x


Yes exactly nice to actually get some sleep for once and recharge although Iv been waking up a lot in the night lately


Well done you keep a hold



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