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Hello Everyone -a Newbie here

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I need help. I've been trying really hard not to give in to depression cos it seems like nothing is going right in my life lately. I have felt stagnant for a while now. I am not really impressed with the lady that stares at me whenever I look into the mirror, thanks to belly fat.

I am not really sure of anything anymore. I just desperately need something to hold on to right now such as the conviction that things will be better. I want to be better, loved, happy and I will really appreciate some weight loss very soon.

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Hello and welcome Fireproofmyhealth and welcome to this caring and supportive group. The name you have given yourself is interesting and it must have a story behind it. Have you told your Doctor how you feel and asked for professional medical help? Also if you give us some more information we can try and understand how you are feeling. It is obvious from what you say so far that you are struggling.

We are here for you, why don't you tell this supportive group a little more about yourself.

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

No, I am yet to seek any professional medical help. I should consider doing that, right? And about giving the group more information about myself, I will work on that. Thank you very much for your time and advise.

I understand completely. I try not to look st my body in the mirror. But I am trying to remind myself that my body isn't everything I am. It's just a part of me. We are much more than our physical selves. Can you think of anything you like about yourself, not related to your body?

There are indeed things I like about myself, I guess I just put more focus on how people see it. Thank you a lot.

Hi there... I think if you visit your GP where your depression is concerned they will be able to help you with that - even if its just to get a mild antidepressant to tide you over. You can take control of your weight, that is something you can work on but depends on how much willpower and self discipline you have. If it is something you want to do for YOU and you are not doing it for anyone else. To say just cutting down and regular exercise is easier said than done for some people but once you see results this may motivate you. You say you want to be loved, but (as I was once told), you need to learn to love yourself first.

Don't be too hard on yourself and try and be happy just being you..


Yes, I want to lose weight and be better for myself. I might consider getting a mild antidepressants like you suggested, but I will like to do that after visiting a doctor and letting him know how I feel from what the group admin suggested. I don't know if I'm really being hard on myself but I feel like I have been strong for a long time and I just can't be anymore. Thank you, I will learn to be happy just being me.

Life is so complicated at times and I crave simplicity now and again. I have heard of "mindfulness and being grateful". I am going to try and be grateful for at least a couple of things EVERY day.

Two things happened to me today and I wondered if I was being sent some kind of message from above?? I know this sounds crazy but it did really make me stop and think that I DO have things in my life to be grateful for.

The first thing was when I got up this morning and started to complain about needing a new bed as my own is getting a bit old (although still fairly comfy) and worn. On my way to work I have to pass people who have nothing and sleep on the street with nothing but cardboard boxes or sleeping bags with maybe a wee dog to keep them company not to mention warm. I was soon grateful for my old bed.

The second complaint I had was my wall in my kitchen is really in need of some repair but I don't have the funds to fix it at the moment. I keep telling myself if I don't LOOK at it, I wont SEE it and it wont bother me. I had to move out of the way of a blind person and his dog this afternoon to let them pass me on the pavement. The blind person smiled a really big smile at me and said "Thank You". I thought about my dodgy kitchen wall and realised that it may be in need of repair but at least I CAN see it. Some people don't have the luxury of sight!!

I feel quite lucky today and I am going to try and be more grateful in the future. I don't know if this helps but its nice to send a positive message for a change.

Wishing you well..


Wow, couldn't mind smiling as I read your response. Gratitude and mindfulness, you know I hear that a lot. I just haven't put much thought into it. Just when you think your life sucks, you find out there are people who would be happy to be where you currently are. Life is indeed complicated! Thanks for sharing. I'm grateful.

And your very welcome!! XXXX

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