How is Everyone Today

How is Everyone Today

How is everyone today.

An idea my sister point me to which is helping me alot is called Jars and Stars.

The idea is to write one positive thing that has happen that day on a post it note fold it into a star shape (i just folded it) and put it into a jar. The problem for me was i couldn't see anything positive to write down. I decided to reverse the idea and write motivational and encouraging sentences on the post it notes and take one out each morning and read it. I wrote things like "you can do this" and "who cares what others think".

I found it quite positive so i thought id share it.




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12 Replies

  • What a good idea.I will try that myself.😀

  • It really helped me especially on those days that i had no motivation and i just couldn't face people or the outside world. Let me know how you get on with it and if it helps. xxxxx

  • Not to bad today thanks !!!

    We are looking at the hills, they are covered in snow, we thought of going down to the beach although the tide times are not right and it will be really cold, although Pax seems not too care one way or another.


  • Ha ha ha the beach is good no matter how cold lol. Such a beautiful and relaxing place. Wish i lived near a beach, i have to make do with rain and puddles ha ha ha.

  • Great idea Tigger. I particularly like 'who cares what others think'!!

  • That is one of my main problems, worrying about others when i really shouldn't care. My health comes first and if they don't like it they can take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Yes, I quite agree with you Tigger. I have removed all negative, nasty and unsupportive people from my life - they impact on my llife and well being and I don't want or need it. Your health does come first so look after it! X

  • Hi Tigger I really like your idea, good for you for being so positive, and you

    Made me laugh with your expression " long walk off a shirt pier " . I haven't

    Heard that in ages. I like people with humour .


  • Humour is great medicine, i love to laugh and make people laugh ( now it sounds like a dating sight bio) might as well add long walks on the beach ha ha ha ha ha

  • Hi Tigger,

    Phrases like 'you can do this', 'chin up', 'think positive' seem trite but like cliches they are true and really work, even when you say them to yourself - maybe moreso than someone else saying them. I am going to try the jar idea!



  • Let me know how you find it. xxx

  • Look Deep Within it is up to you.

    You are not ugly look into a mirror daily and tell yourself "I LOVE YOU" and feel the love bounce back to yourself, change the way you dress if it makes you feel better.

    Everyone of us can always find something we do not like about ourselves so we have to change the way we think Tell yourself you are a very important person who needs love and understanding and look into the mirror and tell yourself out loud many times I LOVE YOU and find a way you can help others.

    You can fight this depression and feel strong again.

    Do not dwell on the way you feel we have to fight back otherwise we go on a long downward spiral which you may feel is a hard climb back up to reality.

    This is something we all have to deal with at sometime or another.

    So be a survivor and do something about it.

    It is only you that can change the way you feel and it maybe a hard struggle but look at the lessons you will learn by taking the big step forward to a new future and adventure.

    Look on You tube and learn to crochet or knit bonnets for premature babies or boots for sick animals who need operations.

    This will help to lessen the depression and do something useful or volunteer at a charity shop for the work experience and you will meet new people.

    Sick cats and dogs at Blue Cross animal hospitals are calling on pet lovers to donate baby socks to help them get better. Our veterinary teams use the tiny socks to keep pets warm while they are being treated under anaesthesia. Elise Smith, Veterinary Nurse at Merton animal hospital in south London, said: “When animals are under anaesthetic, their body temperatures can drop. This can prolong their recovery time and have an effect on how quickly drugs are metabolised. “At our hospitals we have many ways to reduce this problem, but one rather quirky way is to put socks on all anaesthetised patients. We use donated baby socks, but, as modelled by sleepy Dominic here, we also have knitted socks. We would be really grateful for clean baby socks or washable handmade baby socks that we can use on pets during procedures If you would like to donate socks to one of our animal hospitals then please feel free to drop them into our Grimsby animal hospital, Hammersmith animal hospital, or Merton animal hospital, or send them to Blue Cross, 7 Hugh Street, London, SW1V 1QG.

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