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Hi, I joined this site a couple of days ago. I suffer with depression and anxiety. I am meds for it. I'm have a "dip" at the moment and the GP wants me to phone the counselling service but personally it doesn't seem to work. I prefer to speak through forums as there are othera going through exactly what I am and not reading it from a text book.

Thank you for reading the post

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Hi Taz,

You've nailed it! Our mental health is like a rollercoaster. When you have been on the ride for a while, you have worked out what works best for you. You become your own expert and the author of your own book .

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Think the text books should be written by us and not professors and doctors. Mental health is Personal to individuals and needs to be treated that way instead of one size fits all


Human contact and expression is a way to help the healing just to speak and be listened to is a great thing. Counseling isn't easy and many people can't get the complete benefit as it's just not suited to them. I've had counseling twice and it helped me simply to express my story and make some important discoveries about myself. But it was face to face.

You know its an available service which you could access and maybe in the future you can use it. It's really good to know all the possible tools out there that you can use to deal with your mental health.

This site is a great resource for getting new info or insights, or simply to see that you are not alone.

Keep posting and replying as it helps everyone. There is some useful info in the Community guidelines. And remember you can message other members privately also.

Take care.

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Hello Taz79 ,

Forums and texts books are an excellent way of expanding our understanding of our medical issues. Counselling is really just another tool in our journey to healing?

I think it makes us feel very vulnerable when we tell inner feeling to another?

Sometimes finding the right person can be a challenge; Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith? The benefits can be enormous?

Good luck and best wishes,

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