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Positive Affirmations

Hi, I am not sure how many of you do this but I use positive affirmations to help my brain realize that I am choosing to be healthy and choosing to be happy.

I used to be so self critical that there was no way I was every going to be good enough for my own standards, because I set them too high for myself.

I was reminded today of the positive affirmations that I had stuck up all over my house when I was first trying to get myself sorted out. I have lots of statements written out and stuck up on Mirrors, doors, in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basically anywhere. Anyone coming into the house would have seem them. I bet there was a few people that must have thought I was nuts, but they worked for me.

Today I was watching a video on youtube that I wanted to see again it was my Maria Peer and is called I am enough. I realize that those 3 words say it all for me.

So I now have postiks written with I AM ENOUGH on them ready to get stuck on my vision board I have in my bedroom and on my bathroom mirror and on my fridge door. :-D

If you are interested in learning more about Marisa Peer has to say about the I am enough statement and why it works check out youtube.

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I have found positive affirmations very useful. Like yourself placed in prominent places around the houses. Friends that came round would comment on them, so they became a topic of conversation. A couple of friends made affirmation cards for their homes too.

A very useful tool. Thank you for sharing.



I've been doing this for many months now and my life has changed so much from doing so :)

We have the power to choose how we feel. We can change anything if we put our mind to it.


If we change our thoughts, we change our life. It can be done as I am living proof


In the last few years I made so many changes and like 20Voices I used a system that seemed to help me move on

As mentioned before I would isolate each problem and cut each into small bites deal with these small bites and when stuck you move onto one of your other concerns. That way you will eventually gain confidence and move on

Be kind to yourself and try not to criticize your actions to much, always try and look to the future your past is gone and you have this day to do something your really enjoy. We all have problems and arguments in our life, we should never go to bed or rise in the morning with that concern still on our mind.

Look upon your life and ask yourself what changes would make a difference to my life and try and run with these changes. It does not mean the massive changes I was forced to take just small steps to gain further confidence.

Look for activities and hobbies, even if you decide to try something new, go for it. If you fail at that activity stop and consider the failure as a learning period then move on to other things. To fail in activities is as important as making a success of it, that is how we learn in our lives and move on. Never look back.



I have small record cards which I stick on my wall beside my bed so I read them before bed and when I get up!


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