Reginald Iolanthe Perrin

This is by way of an explanation for my errant behaviour in the face of serious goings on and my ignoring them :-) And by way of an apology to you all.

Obviously some people here are going through some pretty bad times, and I myself am amidst some truly awful stuff of nightmares. However and this isn't for everyone, Im choosing to ignore my dire situation. Like little kids who sing LA LA LAH when you say something they don't want to hear, In the hope that by the time I open my ears and eyes some of my problems will have gone or at least manifest in a more manageable nature.

So Im sorry I haven't been much support to those of you who have poured your hearts out in need of help and understanding, right now I dont have a great deal to give. However what I did want to say is just because I lark about Im not trivialising your suffering or ignoring you!

Part of me would like to complain endlessly about what is going pear shaped but its as if I have been completely taken over by my alter ego Reggie Perrin in his days at his Grot Shop and I cant open up.

When I was a kid I used to be glued to Reggie Perrin (second time round I hasten to add, but still with Leonard Rossiter as Reggie). The idea of stripping off your clothes and running away, pure bliss and though I was only about 12, I could recognise my own life in his ( a middle aged man stuck in the rat race) at Sunshine Desserts and I still do!

I'd rather start his wonderful commune in a terraced

Quote from Reggie:

Doc Morrissey: Do you find you can't finish the crossword like you used to, nasty taste in the mouth in the mornings, can't stop thinking about s*x, can't start doing anything about s*x, wake up with a sweat in the mornings, keep falling asleep during "Play For Today"?

Reggie: That's extraordinary, Doc! That's exactly how I've been feeling.

Doc Morrissey: So have I. I wonder what it is? Take two aspirins.

I could imagine my doctor saying


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  • Whatever helps you get through. No need to apologise.

    You can't help everyone and you shouldn't feel guilty about that

  • Thanks thats very kind and much appreciated X

  • Hi Caroline,

    Never thought you ever trivialized anybodies problems or even your own xx

    Your have an incredibly style of communication that is very much appreciated on here, unique in a perfect in every way and we all love you for it :-)

    I think we all have times where even on here it can feel too difficult to communicate, but can just help peeping around the corner to read what is written sometimes, there is never a need to reply and it doesn’t mean we don’t feel deeply for some of the new posts that are here.

    I don’t think we are here just to help others in their hour of need, after all we are kind compassionate people whether we speak or not, but it’s more of belonging to a support system where we feel safe and understood on a basic level :-)

    When I am not at my computer and just moseying around getting on with things, I often think of some of the voices I have met here, sometimes worrying if they are OK and sometimes smiling at things that have been said, so I think the effects of being here have quite a lasting effect on us which can only be good :-)

    Tis a Monday morning and the sun is shining here, so I wish you and everyone else a good week ahead and for those that are struggling in the depths of sadness I would also gladly give a bit of my heart if I could help in any way xxx

  • Awe what a lovely generous reply. I like you often think about the people on here and wish them well. I want to live in a world where people are helpful and kind just for the sake of it so it's really nice to be a part of a forum like this.


  • Ha Caroline your gorgeous and we all love you just the way you are. :-)

    Your know we really do live in a world where people are full of love and completely bonkers. I meet them constantly when out with the dogs!

    I have a habit of throwing my Frisbee up trees and people cannot resist but try and help get them back down??? I have had young men suddenly leap up and climb into the trees, women finding branches to throw up there, men throwing balls to try and knock the Frisbees down and the craziest was a wonderful young couple I met where the guy through one shoe up (got stuck) so then throw the other up(got stuck as well) and was then asking his partner for her shoes!! If I hadn’t stopped them I think all their cloths would have been dangling in that tree, along with my dogs Frisbee :-)

    Don’t you just love this world sometimes :-)

    I have also been caught out a few time up a tree as well, which when it was lunch hour and I was still dressed in my suit and heals often got people asking me what the heck I was doing up there??

    trees are beautifull things :-) and now they are comming to take me away :-)

  • Thats hillarious! Now all I can see it you trying to climb a tree in heels!

    Lucky you, you have dogs, I must admit to having roamed on to funny cats on Youtube for 5 minutes today :-)

    Now tell me seriously if I threw my bills on the ground and stamped on them and maybe cried a bit... would people stop and pay them for me? Or havent I quite got the hang of


  • I think maybe turning them into airplanes and shooting them up into the trees might work :-)

  • Exactly my sentiments Monib and wonderfully expressed. You are such a generous and warm human being Monib.

    Caroline I've already responded to you privately but just want to say you are fab the way you are and I have never considered that you don't get depressed ; just that we all have our ways of dealing with things.

    Love to you .XXXX

  • Thanks Gemma, thats very kind because I know you are a bit uppy downy at the moment.


  • oh Gemma, sometimes I just so want to hug you and wish I could make some of your troubles just go away :-)

    One of the exam peices I am working on at the moment is 'Somewhere over the rainbow' and once I get it ready I shall post it here just for you xx (that is going to take a long while knowing me!)

    Keep strong were all routing for you xxx

  • I love your posts Caroline. They are so full of life and silliness (in a good way) and they really cheer me up. Carry on carrying on chuck. :d :)

    Bev xx

  • Thanks Bev....its really lovely to have so much encouragement :-) You know me most of the time I can help


  • To quote CJ

    ' I didn't get where I am today by having green frogs thrust down my crotch'

    Larking around is a way to cope. Being a Libran I understand that.

    Sarah xx

  • Sarah you made me laugh out loud.....I LOOOVE CJ

    C.J.: One, two, three, four - make 'em wait outside the door. Five, six, seven, eight - always pays to make 'em wait. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve - come!

    C.J.: I didn't get where I am today by sleeping with sweaty, Caledonian chefs!

    C.J.: Necessity is the mother of intention

    Cheers X