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Healthcare workers dealing with depression?


Hi there, I'm new. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how healthcare workers (or anyone who spends the day providing service or teaching others) deal with depression on a regular basis. I'm introverted but have always been drawn to helping people. Having to assess the needs of my patients and dealing with their families is really draining, and with depression and anxiety - when it's really bad - I have difficulty facing people and sometimes break down and cry at work. A couple of years ago I cared too much about work to let my depression affect my work quality, so I just worked myself into the ground to make sure my patients received proper care. Now I feel worse than I ever have, and I feel myself not caring as much and struggling to get through the day. I am working toward a career change that still allows me to work for a good cause, but is more appropriate for introverts. For the time being until I find a new job, I don't know how to cope with my depression and not let my job fall apart. I am trying to find a new counselor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Roo. A career change sounds good. I have helped others in my job until it reached a point where enough is enough. I realised I was falling over myself to help people in my personal life aswell but not receiving anything back. My advice is take care of you! You can only give so much. Jobs like care etc have a high staff turnover. The hours are long you feel undervalued despite doing a hard job. It is good to keep a healthy distance. For me, I didn't cope. I now want to do a job where I help but not on such a personal level. Best of luck.


I am working as a surgery assistant a d was an emt for 25 years. Lately I have e become more withdrawn and not able to give my patients what they need. It's becoming more evident but a career change is not possible right now. I will keep trying to be attentive but some days are hard. Wish I had answers for you but I am in the exact same boat.

Good morning care for others you need to be kind to yourself ..take time out to enjoy the things you enjoy doing about your feelings as much as you can ask your doctor for support and guidance and most of all know your a good kind person caring is a very difficult and challenging career and I commend any individual who does so..kind regards



You want to deal with mental health patients, you ask what they do during the day, the occupation is varied and I loved my Voluntary Work in a Day Centre. with like minded patients and Health Professionals

Look for a day centre in your local area and just turn up and have a cup of tea, nice people very supportive


It can be very hard. I feel I have empathy and good people skills so in a way the job suits me. I also have many different life experiences my clients may also have. Yes it can be triggering. I don't know what else I would do. I have occasionally been off work sick.

Hello, I work in a nursing home and I have a lot of anxiety related to the job. I tend to overdo it and step in to help even when it is not my job to assure the residents are getting proper care. Every time there is a death, I seem to have increased anxiety. The only thing that works for me is self talking. I have to remind myself that I can only do so much and some things are out of control. I have to try to understand that these people are here to die and at least I was there at their end of life. It is very hard working in the helping field. I would just have to agree with everyome else that you have to take care of yourself. Try some yoga or meditating..

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