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Work and depression

I have been battling with depression and anxiety for over 10 years. I have been on medications and tried all kinds of therapy. Still I'm not feeling like myself.

My biggest issues is work. I can't hold down a job. I have had some really horrible experiences that has left me with such anxieties that I can't work at the moment.

In the last 3 jobs (last one was August) , I have had managers that has been bullies and they have chosen me as their pin cushion. In job, the manager decided to start screaming at me and I couldn't take it anymore so I walked out. I have never done that before but my whole body was shaking and I thought I was going to have a meltdown if I didn't leave. I never came back. I have also had a manager call me a liar and untrustworthy because I told them about my depression and anxiety 2 weeks after I started the job.

I have really only had one good job and that's it. After having so many bad experiences my work anxiety has been getting so bad I can't go to any interviews, but if I manage that, I have a such a horrible panic attack the day I'm supposed to start that I don't go and lose the job.

I know it's really difficult for my partner. He works full time but it's not enough to cover all the bills and we are way behind and are struggling. I feel so extremely guilty. I try and try and try to get a job, and if I do, it's not for long because of my depression and anxieties.

What should I do? Is anyone in the same situation? I feel so hopeless.

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Hey I do understand how you feel. I've actually been in the same job for 16 years, but the sickness procedures working in the job that I do are so horrendous that at the moment I'm going to work where I really should be at home x



Thank you for your reply.

I, unfortunately, work in hospitality and retail. Could it be worst? The stress level is 100%.

I had a full time job, went down to part time and then 5 hours a week. The manager was a bully. She had made 4 young girls quit before I did. It was horrible.


Hello Chezamis,

You do sound like you have a really tough time trying to hold down work whilst dealing with your mental health problems. Work is often by its very nature very stressful, which exacerbates symptoms of anxiety.

Assuming you live in the UK (and in USA this also applies) you are protected in law against discrimination if you have a disability whether mental or physical, you cannot be dismissed on the basis of your disabilities.

Take a look at this link to MIND UK with some helpful advice about Workplace mental health:

Hope this helps a little. Hopefully other folks here will offer you support and share from their wealth of experience.

Take care.


Hello Chezamis

I fully understand your battle with work, when you suffer from depression and anxiety you do not need this agrivation from employers who do not understand your illness. You did not say what line of work you were in but I may have a solution. I to suffered when in employment, I have bi polar but never divulged this. Eventually everything got too much, I was in an office in government employment I am now retired. Well things came to a head I and another colleague were bullied and it deeply affected me. A girl in the office told me her Mum had left her job in hairdressing and was a self employed cleaner. I put notices up around where I lived and within a few weeks I had work, obviously I had to give references as some people were at work and left me the key to there homes. It was hard work and some expected you to do miracles in a short space of time but this was rare. In these times you have to think what you are able to do. Lots of people hate ironing, this is something else you might be able to do, you sound still young, I am hoping this has helped, dog walking, being a carer, anything other than stress you 😊 Do hope this has helped xx

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Thank you for your reply.

I'm 27 and work, unfortunately, in hospitality and retail. It's the easiest line of work to get when you don't have any higher education. It's not making my social phobia better with all the pressure on customer service but the hours and time they expect you to put down into your work is absolutely unrealistic. I have tried to work part-time but even that makes me exhausted after a couple of weeks.

Then I have thought about studying, but again, I have tried it and failed several times. Too much pressure and my social phobia flare up.

I haven't tried to be self employed. I wouldn't know where to start. I need to do something and soon.


Your job was far too stressful, do you think you have enough energy to clean? Dog walkers earn good money too. All you do is put a post card in a shop, put them near where you live, seriously this could be the start of better things for you 😃💐💐


I might actually do just that. I love animals so dog walking or pet sitting would be ideal. Thank you for suggestions and kindness. I will look into putting post cards around in my area.


Brilliant, it might take a few weeks but it will help you. My fingers and toes are crossed. Keep me posted Helen 🤗🤗 xxx


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