My depression is really getting me down some of you will know I'm on a staggered return to work after 3 months off work for anxiety and depression ! I'm really worried I might fail and not be fit to do my job anymore the brain injuries team are trying there best but can only do so much ! My phycologist is trying to help me cope but I still feel lost in this time and feel a failure ! My phyciatrist is also helping with my meds but although things are getting better I can't feel things will go wrong ! Thanks to those on here that are trying to help myself and others (coughalot,kirk ,lucy31) there are others but can't remember all your names god bless you all david

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  • You are welcome David. Try and stay positive, I am sure things are on the up for you. Take care. xx

  • thx for your help i will try to stay positive just wished thinks get better soon take care david

  • Ah David, it must be so incredibly hard, especially as your condition is surrounded by so much uncertainty. We want to put our trust in the professionals to make it all better, but there's only so much they can do, and it's difficult when there are no firm answers. Try and rest as much as you can when you're not in work and enjoy your time there as a chance to enjoy conversation and use your expertise x

  • thanks for your reply its the uncertainty thats the worst thing not knowing how things will get better i just dont feel things will get better just wish i could sleep as i cant sleep that much especially at night when ive got work the next day ! a lot of the time i cant sleep but still got to force myself to work which isnt the best way ! got ot go take care god bless david

  • David, I remember going back to work after being off about that long for depression. Do you have to start back with a whole day? Like could you maybe begin with a couple of hours in morning-- or whenever is your best time. I wonder if it would help to go towards this directing your mind to tasks-- as opposed to worrying about the whole thing together. What kind of work do you do?


  • Hi pen 727 I'm on a staggered return last week I did 4hours Mon,wed,Fri then I'm doing 6hrs Mon,wed,Fri then 8hrs Mon,wed,Fri then a meeting to see if I've cope well enough to start back fulltime or not ! If I can't that's what I'm worried about but I've got the back up the people in the brain injury team and also my phycologist who is helping me to work through how I am as I have trouble accepting how I've changed since my sah ! I'm indebted to all the people on here they know who they are or your help god bless you all. Take care jen (david)

  • You aren't a failure.

    Granted, I don't know much about your situation but you aren't a failure. And you should not have to feel la such. From what I gathered in this post, you have had suffered a serious medical condition and now you are on the road to recovery, and you are actually trying to get better. That shows a lot of strength. So you aren't a failure.

    Can I ask if you have tried telling all this to your boss or is your boss supportive already?

    You have a lot of support behind you. Keeping working at the pace that is best for you, don't rush into doing too much otherwise you'll feel overwhelmed. I don't know know how many hours of work you can do but surely you can talk to your boss to affix the amount of hours that you feel that you can do?

    Unfortunately, there is only so much the medical profession can give you at a time. It is very hard when you are left with such uncertainty that feeds off on your depression and anxiety. Take one day at a time. I hope that you recover soon.

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