One Love London Base

I Just thought of this Idea, Us who got depression and are lonely let us meet in a public place have a coffee or lunch have a chat and see (No alcohol or drugs please) try to find hobbies or activities and see we how can connect and try to help each other if it goes well, maybe we can create a programme for our self.

Anyone interested gets in touch

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  • I'm afraid you will ruin the freedom to express yourself you have here. Once you know each other the judgements will start.Pam, who values each of you

  • We don't need to use our username in meeting so we don't know who is who sweetiepye

  • I think that would be a good idea but London would be much too far for me to go! You are better off trying to find a support group in your area as there must be ones in London you can attend.

  • Thank you, shame you are not in London. not looking for a support group, but more like a fun group. doing things that make us happy for a change

  • Try meet up. It is a group that exists all over the UK. Just google Meet Up and find your nearest group.

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