Existential depression continued

Sometimes when I smoke weed, I get my craziest existential thoughts. I do believe weed has aided in uncovering a part in my brain that I wasn't using and makes me think so deeply. Then sometimes, I forget to think those "existential" deep deep thoughts and I get mad at myself for not constantly thinking about it. Like i don't want to lose that spark that makes me think deeply, even if it makes me depressed. I am so nuts lol

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  • Hi Poodiepie,

    Thanks for sharing.

    My friend has recommended the following website for you


    I hope it helps you out of your funk

  • Thank you and your friend for this :)

  • That's a great site. Thanks for putting this up.

  • I have smoked weed in my youth but never anything stronger. Using it a lot can mess up your brain for good you know so be very careful and keep it for occasional recreational use. There is a danger you could end up permantely damaged with extreme long term use.

    I know you won't listen to me but you can't say I haven't warned you.

  • I've been smoking weed for a few months. Hardly anything crazy, and only recreationally. I also don't do any other drugs, including drinking. It's less about the weed and more about the crisis I'm seeming to have. Weed just makes me think DEEPER. But I think these thoughts during the day completely sober as well.

  • That's good news then.

  • The number of times I have either heard or seen people use the word or words 'existential' and 'existential crisis' without any regard to what the term 'existential' actually means is astounding! These people need to turn to Sartre and to Simone de Beauvoir and to Heidegger and to Jaspers and to Laing and to Kafka and to Camus before they wish to use in any context the correct meaning of the term 'existential'. I would have thought that smoking cannabis dulls the senses rather than heightens the intellectual synapses of the brain which, during the smoking of cannabis, are not stimulated but subdued. Good luck.


  • I know exactly what existential means.

    Thank you

  • Then why employ the word in your conversations? If you know what the word 'existential' means then why drag it into a non-philosophical debate about cannabis? Sometimes people can be very astonishing.


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