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How Can I Relate To People Anymore?

Im starting to feel like I can never relate to people in the same way again. After how DEEP and dark my depression got at its deepest, I kind of embarked on a spiritual journey. Not looking for answers, but asking more questions. It gave me a tent pole to hold onto because I'm not religious and don't blame everything on God. I do believe in a Higher Power though.

Regardless of the fact, now I'm noticing that while I'm trying to get out of isolation, no one is on my wavelength. No one really cares about this journey and think I'm just being "fake deep for IG". No one knows what's in my head. It's hard to get close to or intimate with men because I feel like they don't care about this journey and if you can't understand the journey or try to, you'll never understand me. I am also cautious of who I divulge the intimate details of this journey too. I don't tell everything because it's very personal. However on social media I'm very vocal because people literally thank me for sharing my journey.

How can I relate to people anymore? Or have I just not met someone worth it? People literally laugh when I say I'm on a spiritual journey and it really hurts me. Like deeply.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Life should be a spiritual journey. Yes talking about it can lead to raised eyebrows and everyone is different. To fully mature as a person you need to think about the deeper stuff in life. But you should also remember thoughts alone can't create maturity but also actions. Life is for living not brooding.

Every age has its season, so I'm middle aged now and more reflective, less patient and less impulsive.

Search for your meaning - it may only apply to you. This journey is a lonely one. We do have people with us but not always as they are following own path. Don't be disheartened you are doing what's right for you.

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Thank you so much.


Don't let others put you off. Some people won't go on a spiritual journey in life - for a number of different reasons - it doesn't make them less or more - just as they are. But if you feel the need for spiritual growth you must follow your heart. As I say your path is your own. Your truths are your own. Some will get them, others won't. This isn't a reflection on you or others just how life is. We are all individuals living in a universe so universal truths are not plentiful. But I think life is about change and growth and maturity and decay - all part of a cycle. We all journey through this in our individual ways.

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Generally many people cannot relate to Mental Health problems and what happens people will be unable to understand your problem in the real world.

One way you may get help is joining a Mental Health Day Centre, they are generally run by a charity and the Council for your area may give some support as well

If you have a CPN or Social Worker, they may be able to introduce you to a Centre. If you are now not in treatment, ask the GP or Reception if there is a centre located near where you live. Some Clinics on occasions have something like that to help.

At a Day Centre you will meet and make friends with mental health problems, some centres actually have Social Workers and CPNs who may be able to supply some CBT to supplement your treatment plan Some actually go out for nights out and arrange holidays for members


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Hiya, I can assure you we are all on a journey and, yes, the ultimate destination is the same for all of us (and when you get to a certain age you might tend to think about that destination more often - eek!!). However, everyone's journey is unique and very personal. Along that road we meet people and sometimes we walk together and sometimes we walk alone, sometimes we encounter terrible hardship and end up in the deepest darkest valleys and sometimes we have moments of great joy and stand on the top of the world, basking in its beauty. It is your journey and no-one should dictate to you how to proceed and I suppose all we can to is try to enjoy as much of it as we can and, on the way, offer comfort and support to fellow travellers in need. Take care,

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