Depression/Anxiety with full time job

Hello, im new here and this is an awesome way to cope i think so thanks for whoever made this website! i have a full time job so im there monday-friday and lately ive been having really bad mood swings. im on zoloft for my depression and anxiety but sometimes i just want to lay in bed all day and call out of work but i usually push myself to go. sometimes my moods are so all over the place when my boss tries to talk to me about something serious i feel like i screwed everything up and start crying and having a mental breakdown right in front of him. im starting to get scared my depression is getting worse or that im even developing bipolar issues because the next day i will be perfectly fine. :/ does anybody else have these issues?

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  • Hi teaprincess

    Same here, working full time is hard if not impossible at times. I hope to see the doctor next week to get a chance to get some time off.

    I also want some therapy time during the day so will ask for this as well.

    I have struggled at work for a while so now it's time to get some help.. have you thought of something the same?

    Depression and working is difficult as I a sure you understand.. perhaps you could go to your doctor and get some time off and some therapy?

    I am trying the Aussie mood gym online help as well though I find it tough . You might find this of help?

    I know how you feel x

  • The best thing is to keep the routines of work and other activities and to avoid introspective thinking.

    Time off allows more opportunities for ruminations which can be hugely destructive.

  • Hi, and welcome to the community. Could it be that work is a trigger for you? It's really good that you are able to make yourself get up and go to work.

    Would you normally respond by crying in work? I know that I couldn't control my emotions before I had my breakdown. I couldn't stop crying, but I think that was because I had pushed my feelings down for so long they just burst out of me.

    It's probably worth going to see your GP, but in the meantime seriously consider if your current job is causing the problem.



  • I applaud you for continuing with work, keep occupied so as not to dwell on negative things. I do not think you are bi polar. I am not familiar with your medication, but wonder if you could try Pregablin for anxiety, it works for me. If you sleep well and your employer is aware of your illness then you are fortunate. You could go back to the GP and see if a change of medication would help. Keep persevering, you are doing great😀👏👏

  • Go back to your GP and ask for a course of CBT.

    You need to understand why you feel the way you do. To understand that will allow you to rectify and sort out your depression. Your CPN will help you come to terms with any needs and concerns that have caused your problem Relaxation Techniques may help, Mindfulness is the one that hits the mark at this time. Books are available on the internet. If you are given CBT the CPN will coach you in its use


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