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Hi all,

I'm new too this I'm at my wits end feeling like this. I am pregnant with my 3rd child and I have had depression for about 7 years now. I was on sertraline which helped in a way as I also suffer with anxiety but since being pregnant I came off then (I am allowed to take them but with sickness I can't keep them down anyway). I have no motivation to do ANYTHING. My house is a tip, I hate it but just dont have the motivation to do it. My partner doesnt really support me because he just moans about how messy the house is rather than understand why or help with it. He works a lot but I also work too! I can't take my children out anywhere because I hate getting dressed and just making an effort to go anywhere and I feel like such a bad mum because of it like I have let my children down. And having a 3rd on the way I know it will get worse. Please tell me I'm not alone?

M x

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  • Hi it's difficult enough at the best of times to cope with depression but with 2 children and working as well as being pregnant I am not surprised you are feeling so tired and run down. Why won't your husband help in the house? Doesn't he help to get it messy etc? I think he needs a reality check.

    Can you take a bit of leave and go and stay with one of your parents or friends for a few days and see how he copes? He might think twice then before leaving it all up to you.

    The only other option I can see is giving up your job and telling him you can't do both as looking after the kids and the house is a full time job. If he wants the extra income he is going to have to buckle down and help out more.

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