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Hi I'm new to this site I'm Kelly am 20 years old I have been suffering from depression and self harming for nearly 4years now and I'm in therapy due to my depression and self harming I've just been told by one off my friends that she got a free bus pass as she suffers depression and self harm and is that Mental heath or not I'm confused how she could get a free bus pass 🤔 Anyone can't any anwsers???

Many thanks


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Hi have a look on the Govt.UK site as there is loads of info on there. I was on a free bus pass for a few years for depression and also get low rate DLA (will have to change to PIP very soon and am dreading it). Then last year the Govt. changed the rules so you have to be on high rate DLA (not sure about PIP) to get it. I don't get one now.

If you live in the home countries you get a free bus pass for your area only at 60. In England you have to wait until state pension age to get one except London where you get free bus and tube travel there at 60.

The best thing to do is get the free bus pass number (on the Govt.UK site I think) and give them a call. In my area it is dealt with by my local council so give try them first.

I hope this helps.

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Okay thank you


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