I'am a voice hearer and have tried everything

I'am a voice hearer, I've tried medication and I'm seeing a psychologist.

I've tried self harming to get rid of the voices.

But I've found that no amount of medication nor self harming can rid me of my voices.

The psychologist I feel is my only hope.

The voices swear at me, they belittle me and even force me to self harm from time too time.

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  • Hi allan60,

    I'm no expert.

    I don't believe in ghosts.

    I don't believe in external entities, with or without distinct independent existences.

    I don't understand psychology - at least, not at that level.

    However I know the mind, as clever as it may, is a peculiar processor of thought.

    Everyone has an inner person, a voice. The you, the self guidance system. Interaction with others switches off the hearing and listening to the inner person, up until a question is asked, then you venture off in you mind to solve.

    So I reckon we are all voice hearers, it's just you, your inner self guidance system. Your not a million miles off everyone else. Think of your thoughts as a rail track. You're about a hairline off track.

    It's your inner person telling you to self harm, it's its solution to your question. And it's time to re-track. To learn another solution.

    My solution is currently ice cream! Toffee and fudge ice cream... self harming isn't a solution!

  • Hi Tinyone!,

    I don't believe in ghosts either.

    But the voices seem real enough.

    It all started with me seeing shadowy figures, then a few years later at the age of 16, I began to hear voices.

    The voices were violent, they'd tell me to self harm, they'd belittle me and pull me to pieces.

  • They are real allan but they are a part of you too.

  • Hi do you have an official diagnosis and what is it? Just depression or something else as well? Your psychologist should hopefully be able to help you. x

  • I have depression as well as schizophrenia, that's what I've been diagnosed as having.

  • if your Schizophrenic meds it your only hope, and they work well when you get the right combo, what meds are you an now and how much

  • Meds are certainly not the only hope for people with schizophrenia although meds are necessary in order to control the symptoms - but in order to eventually become healthier many people find making friends with their voices enables that part of themselves to integrate in time into their personality and recognised as such. Maybe thoughts about meds should be left to the professionals?

  • Ah I thought you must be diagnosed schizophrenic from your description. That must be very difficult to live with. I know the right meds do help a lot and you must make sure you take them, even if you are feeling better. Take care. x

  • Hi Coughalo2 my diagnosis is schizophrenia but I hate that terminology.

    I'd rather use the word psychosis as opossed to schizophrenia it sounds awhole lot better somehow.

  • Fair enough Allan and I understand your reasoning. But if you are posting on a site like this it is perhaps better to use the right terminology so we all understand and can reply to you in a more useful way. x

  • Have you tried joining the organisation called Hearing Voices? It is based in Sheffield, run by a psychiatrist and you can find out about it by googling the name. Sue

  • Hi secondhandrose2!, i'am along way from Sheffield.

    They don't have a hearing voices group in Inverness where i'am.

    I don't know if they've got hearing voices elsewhere in Scotland, because I haven't tried.

  • It is a group that you can belong to from anywhere in the country, you buy a magazine and can contribute, etc, also contact people through it.

  • Hello Allen

    Your Psychologist will have it sussed soon I suppose. I can have deep and meaningful discussions with myself and Hazel sometimes hears me muttering to myself.

    Your problem is different and it can be controlled with medication it will just take time to work out the best medication for you. What have they tried ?

    You want to have a chat, we are always around


  • My son has schizophrenia and bad depression just now.Im sure his medication stops the voices, hes on olanzipine.You really need to go to a physichatrist to get help as they are the ones who can help you.Hope you get on ok.

  • Hi bengal2013!, does your son self harm like me.?

    It's an awful curse having schizophrenia I should know that from experience, bitter experience that is.

    I cannot help self harming, the voices tell me to do it on a regular basis.

  • Hi Allan,No he doesnt self harm but has an alcohol problem which he says helps for a short time then he ends up more ill.Ive told him to come on this as he really needs someone to talk to like you.Its a terrible illness and watching him go through this has devistated my life as I feel so much for anyone going through this. Take care,but go back and insist on more help

  • you still dont say your meds Allen

  • Hi manic666 i'am on Olanzapine 20mgs and over 900mgs of Epilim then zopiclone 15mgs.

    The rest is for diabetes.

    The Epilim is for use as a mood stabiliser. It also controls fits too.

  • How does it help you knowing his meds? That is for the medics surely?

  • This is the organisation I was telling you about, it is run by ex-users for users and people write and paint about their experiences, the magazine contains those as well as other articles by users. Do at least take a look. x

  • Yes your on the right meds , life is tough I have hit a wall at the moment to could be to do with Christmas. When your mentally ill and everyone is happy we just cannot flick a switch and be the same .

  • I know where your coming from,I think we see everyone as happy, i try my best to be something Im not, so lately I just accept this is my cross to bare and get on with it.What a pity we are all so isolated I would like to have someone in my town who I could talk to.

  • Manic666!,

    Wished I could switch off at Christmas, but with me it's 24/7.

    I get no let up at all.

    It's just continuous, and the voices go on and on and on.

  • Why not try to understand the voices, why they feel so badly towards you? Try to view them as a friend who keeps being rotten to you and tries to make you do horrible things but who is someone you used to like and care about, try talking to them or maybe even writing letters to them. You may find that if you are able to have a conversation with them over time then they become less hurtful and in time you may even understand one another - if you can do that you will find they become integrated into your personality and seen as what they are, just a part of your inner self. I know it sounds easier said than done, but they need understanding and so do you need understanding by them, so talk with them. Suex

  • Hi Allen, has anyone ever mentioned schizophrenia?

  • Hi toeKnee my psychiatrist as mentioned schizophrenia to me on numerous occasions, but I hate that terminology.

    I would prefer the word psychosis to schizophrenia anytime as schizophrenia conjures up in my mind people that are possessed.

  • Hi Allan, My daughter has psychosis and I went through such as you are with her until they found the right medication and got the dose right and now she has had it under control for the last 2 years. She has even been able to lower the dose and is working as a Support Worker. I hope this might give you some hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Take care. Julia

  • hi Fibrojules!,

    lowering the dosage doesn't work for me.

    once my medication stops working for whatever reason, i've got to be put on a higher dosage or have my medication changed altogether.

    there's no half way house with my psychosis.

    i've managed up to now but feel that i need a change of medication 20mg of olanzapine is the highest my medication can go, it won't or cannot go any higher than that.

    i'll need a complete change of medication now.

  • When all the other medications failed, my daughter was put on Clozapine, but she has to go for a blood test once a month. She is steadily decreasing the dosage and, over the last 3 years, she is now on only half the original dosage. I wish you the best of luck in getting the right medication prescribed. I hope you have a better year in 2016. Julia x

  • Been there, it's an absolute horrible nightmare, I always tried to be rational and think to myself ita impossible for me to hear people in the car etc, the only advice I can give is keep trying with medication. Quetiapine eventually worked for me. Just try to rationalize it if possible and your not alone xx

  • Hi scol7, I use to take quetiapine but it stopped working after awhile.

    I've now been placed on olzapine.

    Trouble with Olanzapine is it put's weight on you and is not affective as closopine.

    The trouble is I took an unexpected side effects of closopine.

    I need a decent anti-psychotic drug something which would work, if it only works for alittle time then it's better than nothing.

  • Respiridone is also good, or mertazapine but the mertazapine puts weight on me. I have tried that many now I have forgotten the names of some, keep me tying until you find the right one for you, there is nothing worse than hearing constant put downs. Hope you get the right treatment. Xx

  • Thank you scole7,

    I'll bear it in mind.

    So far I've tried clozopine, clopixal, depixol, triptophen,


    Kemedrin, clopromozine.


    The only one I haven't tried yet is prozack.

  • Hi I'm so so sorry you are going through this and I hope and believe you will get the right medication and help. Don't give up hope keep talking to us and your support network about how you feel and what's happening because it's what will get you through. The mind is a powerful thing I feel mine is taken over right now can't understand how , why and when I'll be back to "me" it's hard to remain positive but you have to try. Get that control back it's a battle that becomes exhausting but with the help and understanding you will be able to. I wish you well and please keep talking to us xxxx

  • I am sorry you hear voices. I haven't read the other replies but you might try talking with the voices, having a conversation with them in order to understand why they treat you so badly, if you are able to understand them and get them to also understand you then you may find they gradually subside which will offer you a less harmful and more long term solution than a lifetime on meds - however it is important that you stay on them in the meantime in order to keep yourself and other people safe.

    I have just seen that I replied previously saying something similar so why not give it a go, you have nothing to lose and may find it helpful.


  • Ask your doctor for you to try clozapine, this is an antipsychotic drug.

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