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Stuck in panic mode


Hi I have suffered from anxiety since my 1st panic attack aged 11. Im 41 now and the last 2 weeks I been having weird thoughts , I question everything that I hear and see incase I'm going mad. I been googling and saw something on schizophrenia and I been panicking about it ever since. I feel weird 24/7 I'm trying so hard to relax. As soon as I lay in bed and close my eyes, I see images and have the most horrible brain chatter , my girlfriend says she gets this but she don't panic atall. I can't sleep. I feel like I'm going insane. I've suffered anxiety and I'm sure depersonalisation as a few years back I was questioning existence. I'm in a rut. I'm having suicidel thoughts. But not that I will. It just scares me. Every thing I read on google I obsess over it. I'm constantly thinking. I just can't shut off. My stress levels are so hi.

I keep thinking I'm getting phychois or schizophrenia or bipolar. I've been to doctor and he said I just need to calm down. He wouldt give diazepam as I asked for them so I could just chill for a bit. Ive been on venalafine for 10 years. Im on a low dose 37.5 ( I've tried many a time swapping it but it's a knightmare drug to get off) I just want to feel normal and live my life. I've lost interest in most things lately. It's really doing my head in. Any advice would be really appropriate. Sorry for rambling.


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Sorry for how you are struggling.

If only it were so easy to 'just calm down' as your dr says. I use you tube meditations for anxiety which help somewhat, they certainly help me to go to sleep, as they stop my mind ruminating, my mind still wanders off but I bring it back to what is being said on the meditation. It works for me. It may help as I have also done a mindfulness course, and it took a while but the concept of mindfulness does help.

If things dont improve for you I would return to your gp and let him/her know, it simply isn't easy to just calm down, some techniques/tools are usually my opinion.

Over time we learn to manage things but we are all quite indidvual in what works for us. It's finding out what works.

I wish you well.

Hi Ronnie. Can't say I'm impressed with your docs solution of cal I g down!If only ...! I us lavender oil to get to sleep on top of sleep tablet. Sleep doesn't come quickly but once I'm off I can get 4-5 hrs on a good stint! Cant/wont tell you what to do but I'd certainly take a long hard look @ my doc. It has the aroma of a financial decision rather than a medical one.

There is no need to scare yourself silly. You are better off getting an expert to diagnose you than deciding instead of letting anxiety continue to take your mind for a ride.

" Every thing I read on google I obsess over it. I'm constantly thinking. I just can't shut off."

The statement above leaves me wondering if you are serious about changing your situation. At 41, you ought to have mastered the art of changing bad habits that you know don't benefit you. Please do the right thing for your own good.

I find it hard to believe that you have been on Venlafaxine for 10 whole years and still just take on the 37.5mg dose. Are you on any other anti-depressants? What kind of doctor do you have? Are you seeing a real doctor, in this case a psychiatrist or are you just getting this med from some corner "chemist" cause I find it extremely hard to believe that a doctor will have you on 37.5 mg venlafaxine, with your symptoms as they even after 10 years.

Ronnielad in reply to Kobojunkie

Hi thanks for the response.

I was on 75mg but doc was trying put me on Prozac. So I tapered to 37.5 and I'm too scared to start the Prozac' incase it makes me feel worse.

I just feel like I'm hyper alert to absolutely everything and in panic mode


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