Hi I'm a newbie (23),

Right now I am currently stuck at home, and feel bored out of my mind. I have suffered from depression for about 7 years now. I feel like I'm stuck in a pit and can't climb out of it. But the worst part is I feel like I'm not even trying hard enough because I've given up. The last 1 1/2 year was the worst of my life... I went from doing great in school to not even being able to focus and then that turned into not being able to remember what I've learned throughout my years or if I even learned anything at all. So I dropped out of college after 2 semester's thinking I'd get better, this is my 2nd semester off now but I live in fear to go back now because i still cant remember and feel like im not putting in much effort to for fear of disappointment. I've turned lazy.. and all I feel is emptiness inside... people tell me I need to do more things but I feel like I don't really know how to even try..or where to start. I don't have any real friends. And don't have much of a support system. My parents don't understand and I feel they choose to ignore it. Any advise?

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  • Im 29 and feel same but mines its anxiety mostly everyday. I feel like im going to give up on my full time job and ive gave up on trying to make friends or keep friends i just live with my bf with him 24.7 my parents choose to ignore me aswell but they have tried in the past to get me to do more things outside of work and home but i choose not to because of the fear of lost in life. I cant find myself

  • It's really hard living like this isn't it? I to rely on my boyfriend and am with him 24/7. If you dont already i suggest you see a therapist.. its not huge help but it feels nice having someone to vent to, lean on your bf too. I hope you'll find your way sam.

  • Hey thanks for getting back, yes I live with my bf but he isnt very support at all because he doesnt understand my situation hes younger than me and is the complete opposite from me. He smokes weed in the house everynight which isnt helping my anxiety because I cant stand the stuff. I worry about our future and age difference which is stressing me alot.😓

  • Have you tried telling him about how smoking weed around you doesn't help your situation? I'm sure he wouldn't mind smoking somewhere else, and as for your relationship..just because he is younger doesn't mean he won't understand and that your relationship won't last. Your with him for a reason right? Try remembering those reason and the reasons why your still with him now. It took my bf 6 years to understand the pain I was living in. And sometimes I still feel he doesn't understand I have depression. But they can't really begin to understand...even if this frustrates us because they aren't the ones that are suffering through it. It's easy to give advise isn't it..but hard taking it yourself. I feel like I'm in this situation right now hah

    -Hopefully this helps you a little. stay positive please.

  • I feel very similar. I feel like my work is pointless, feel like giving up every day. I want to do milion things but do nothing. I do not have many friends, well almost none. Then I blame that why I dont do any sport. Would be very hard to start anything alone. I feel like my flatmates are talking about me etc. (that is not paranoia, they are foreigners adn when they say "good" it sounds almost exactly like my name..) and anyway our relationship got worse. They kinda ignore me. So I pretend to be busy and go to my room. I am lost in my life. i am 22 living in London

  • Is it possible to move out? I can imagine that puts some added stress in your life. You need to be surrounded by positive people. I know I would've moved if I could.

  • Sounds like low self esteem not paranoia because thats the way i feel when i am at work feel like people are talking about me

  • Hi Lizzy27

    Welcome to our warm, friendly, supportive & non-judgemental site for depression!

    Please feel free to post as and when you need to. We will try to help you any way we are able!

    Take Care. Warm Wishes spykey🤗

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