I am stuck. My anxiety is through the roof for no reason,I haven't slept properly for 3 nights, my head is spinning with negative thoughts which I know aren't right.i am unable to speak though, that's why I can't ring anyone, words will only come out when I write them.i can't seem to talk in sentences.I am looking for any help on here just to get me back

T.i.a x

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  • Ehy buddy! You're not alone right now! My anxiety is in full swing right now too, I'm even shaking, head starting to hurt, hot flashes and sweating. Buddy just hang on! We can do this! Do you have meds for sleeping? Hang on!!!!

  • No meds for sleep.. got propranolol but not working

  • Welcome

    You mention that your head is spinning with negative thoughts, if this is the case are these thoughts caused from what is happening in your daily life. Do you need help in controlling these problems and move on. Is your condition temporary given time.

    Can your sort these concerns without medication.

    Are you a student and that is causing problems due to swotting if this is the case medications could effect your studies.

    Talk to your GP and explain how you are feeling, you may need a course of CBT or be advised to take medications. Be advised by your GP. Make a list of your concerns when or if you see your doctor, this list will help you remember all your concerns and will help you get most out of your appointment


  • Hi bob

    My thoughts are of not wanting to be here, not to die exactly but to sleep til it's all gone

    Whether it be an hour or a week

    I just want to be the old me, if not, then not anything.hard to put into words

  • You need to address your feeling, depression and undestand why you are feeling the way you are.

    Suicide is not a way out believe me. However you need to discuss your concerns with your GP. He will help you with a treatment plan.

    If you are caught with severe Depression call NHS Information Line on Tel 111 and explain your fears and they will triage to help.

    Is your Anxiety caused by Health or other problems associated to your life, if this is the case you will need help, you need the support of your GP

    Diversions do work so look towards your interests and sometimes those can also help you move on, in Anxiety you have to try and control your fears so diversions and your GP an help. Depression as well, you need to understand the reasons of your depression and be strong enough to address your concerns, THEN MOVE ON.

    Talk to your GP if you need hep we are here


  • Have been to gp am waiting for appt with cmht.

    I am going to drive out to see if it goes,can't stay here. Thanks

  • 10 years ago was the first time when i pushed those negative thoughts out of head by knowing it was only me that keeping them there. i started launching to myself on how easy it was.

    long story and one that hard to talk about.

    today something set me of thinking and for a few minutes i was wasting my life again. then i thought what am i doing? this is stuiped. am not doing this..and walked away from it calling myself stupid as i did.

    works evrytime.

  • Its like a vicious circle, you push people away because you can't be bothered explaining it all.... but, by doing that, it increases your loneliness which makes things worse. Then things go pear shape and you have to apologise to people for mucking up..and so it all begins again 🙁

  • and it will go on for the rest of your life.. destroying everything that might come your way, relationships will come and go making you even worse.

    i dont have the answers that would suite all, and i able to give advice as we are all different in our own environment. i only write to you on the hope that may be you can relate to something in my life and it will help you to step out of that painfull circle you are in.

    ive had to look back over and over my life many times and even when i hear the screaming of me as a weak child.. there comes a time when you have to let it be. let what ever happen yesterday and what ever is in tomorrow that not right you have to walk away from it.

    i do that every day.

    that what we have to do..

    time for me to rest my head, its been a very long day. midnight now where i live and have a busy day again starting not long from now.

    try and relax..and take care.☺

  • Thankyou keepers, stay safe x only 6-15 pm here

  • I truly feel you have some wonderful folk here you can talk with. But I appreciate from my own experience how impossible it can seem to open up to those closest to you. Some of my family are of the "snap out of it & pull yourself together" mode. There are times when I'm so isolated & alone but I truly fins succour on here.

  • Exactly... you know where I am coming from 👍 the only time I can explain is when I have had a drink to loosen up a bit. Then and only then, can I fully explain how I feel to people.Not ideal, I know, it's not as though I could turn up to see Psych team smelling of alcohol 😬 I don't know how I am gonna respond when my appt comes through from cmht. I will just have to try.In the mean time though, getting through each day with no support is hard enough.Thank god I can communicate on here


  • Try & ease up on the booze. Don't know what meds you're on. But. For turning up to your psych team smelling of drink, that shouldn't matter to them. It just illustrates the probs you're having & the lengths you're being forced to go to cope.

  • Thankyou for understanding


  • Not a prob. You know where everyone is. I'm epileptic so if eve I don't respond immediately it's Eire a work/condition problem or I've had a seizure. Also just coz I don't reply immediately doesn't mean I haven't seen your msg. Just hang in there (easier said I know!)

  • I understand my brother had epilepsy he passed away last year 🙁

  • It must have been hard when you lost your Brother, it can take a long time to recover from that type of loss.

    How long have you been so low ?. My condition is basically caused by a very unpleasant family and a rotten life. Also I suffer from a Chronic Disability and a Reactive Depression caused by my illness. Early last year they thought I had Dementia and I went through five weeks of tests and scans, I do not have Dementia it is a Congenital Short Term Memory defect. I am getting on a bit and it frightened me so I went out and learned ways to use my mid term memory and move on.

    Try and look at your Depression in a different way, try approaching your concerns and break each into little pieces, address these small mouthfuls and when stuck move onto your next problem and look at that next concern and approach it in the same way etc. Eventually you will have addressed your concerns and then you can move on.

    When you go to see your CPN, they will give you coping techniques to help and control your health problem. You can try Mindfulness a Relaxation Technique and also Breathing Techniques may also help.

    Make that important list of the problems caused by your depression and the reasons why you have the dam thing in the first place. Remember in most cases it is treatable if you approach it in the right way.

    Good Luck


  • What I feel seems quite futile now compared to you Bob luv. I truelly feel for you. Losing my brother at 46 literally destroyed me as I was his carer as well.To top it off, 3weeks after the funeral my mum passed away.

    I know I have to get over this but I think issues in my past have reared their ugly head. Things I have never dealt with.Until now.

    I promise I am trying though, but the low moods seem to defeat me, no matter what I try bob.

    I have never spoke about these things until recently with a counsellor, thing is I feel like I am relying on her to be there away from sessions. It's s job to her, but a lifeline to me at the moment 🙁 not really fair on her though.i need to deal with things personally but I'm struggling.


  • Hardtotalk

    We never get used to a loss and it can be heartrending when we loose two people who with one who died so young and close to us. When one of our Parents depart this World, we have memories when young of possibly two people who were young and vital in our eyes. Loosing your Bother as well will have brought memories back of two Youth so very close who will have generally played and learned Life Lessons together. In both cases you have every right to feel so sad and depressed.

    Whatever you decide you need to spit out all these negative feelings and explain and talk to someone who will listen to you, A family Member would be best, they knew the two deceased and you could sit down together and remember both good and bad of those things past and put all into some form of perspective. You will never get over these losses, you will however have good and bad memories of those who have gone before.

    In my Life I was expected from my teens to help those who had passed in our family, I became hard and would be able to show no emotion. My last family Member who died, an aunt had Dementia and I was the only one who visited her and dealth with the Hospital, Doctor and Nursing Homes, I even had the funeral to arrange and then spreading the ashes.

    When all was done, no-one had shown up to the funeral I had no tears just the memories I had of two very viable people very much in love. I had followed my path and had the memories. If you can do that you are a good way down the line of those bitter sweet memories you will have.

    Try and put the past to rest, those gone before will expect you to move on and look for your pathway to your future


  • Thankyou Bob for being here x

    Sometimes this is the only way I can explain how things are.Today, I can't even talk properly,nothing seems to be coming out that makes sense. It's as though I have lost words 🙁

  • Hardtotalk

    You have gone through bad times and sometimes when this happens we become tied up we become unable to explain our feelings. All I can suggest is take your time and take one deep breath and explain your needs and expectations. Your CPN should be able too help, the problem there is short time. If you want to chat with me or someone else I will be around this week upwards Thursday Evening as I will be going on holiday soon. I will however pop in over next week if possible.

    You may have someone else who can help here or with your family.

    With regard your CPN make your list of your fears concerns and sensitivities. Work from your list, let the CPN have a copy as well, work from the list, that will open up the conversation between the two of you.

    Remember this is not any sign of weakness you are a feeling person who needs to talk and put your life concerns into perspective


  • I haven't got a cpn yet, I am still waiting for assessment from cmht...that's where the issue is as I am only on anxiety meds, no anti/d... as I thought they were making me worse so stopped them 2weeks ago. Told doc he just said ok... he didn't give me anything else.

    Thankyou Bob

  • Good luck with you future sessions.

    Your GP will bend His Head, medication is your decision in the first instance


  • You need to find a psychiatrist immediately. A psychiatrist who will listen and work with you to get you the best treatment possible.

    There are no coping mechanisms for where you are now with your anxiety. The only alternative to living life the way you have it right now is to go seek out medical help. If not, you can sit and watch the situation maybe worsen to the point that you slowly loose the ability to comprehend language and to compose sentences, whether in your head or in writing.

    I did experience the last part there. I had tremors 24/7, migraines which would not go away no matter how many midols and other migraine medications I tried. I also couldn't sleep and I sort of lost my language. I lay in my room, all dark, for some weeks, before I got the idea to go see my doctor.

  • I feel this today, the words don't seem to come out right.Sentences are a no-go...

    Everything seems too fast inside but slow on the outside 😐

  • You need to go get treatment now.

  • If it was oh so simple 😶 going to go for drive to breathe

  • What do you mean by that?

  • Getting support... I can't speak today.Head is fast so I have come out in car to hopefully wear it down

  • Head is fast so driving will help relieve it how? I think you are better off going on a bike than in a car. As you may also begin to loose track of time as your symptoms progress.

  • Driving is a distraction doesn't matter about time and distance,I pull over when tired then just go again.Perhaps it will go with time

  • No, I mean you may start having blackouts.

  • I don't understand if I get tired I will stop. I don't feel ill, just my head feels numb, I need quiet and I can only get it here

  • Hi there.

    I know exactly how you feel. I hope you feel better soon x

  • Thankyou, hope so too x

    Struggling to talk today, words are in my head but won't come out verbally.its as though I can't seem to form sentences

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