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Since my last episode began a couple months ago, I've done the worst possible thing and isolated myself and pushed away a lot of my friends. I'm getting to a point where I want to get back out into the world and was wondering what advice you have when reconnecting with people that you haven't been around in a while. How do you explain that depression that has kept you at bay for some time?

I know honesty is best but unfortunately, as many may know, a lot of people get flustered and don't know how to react to something like depression.

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Just say it how it is .. If they are not understanding then they need have no part in your life


Totally agree with you but it's a more difficult subject to talk between males. Sometimes people react poorly because they don't know how to react. It can be tricky.

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I find that males tend to lessen communication when it comes to their feelings.


Do you need to tell them anything? Why not just text and suggest a meet up then decide when you are there whether you need to tell them anything. Most people I find just assume you gave been busy and so ding directly ask. I tell those I'm closest to but not everyone. Definitely a good idea to get in touch again though even if at first it's just with one or two others. Hope it goes well


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