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Bad advice?

I was just wondering what has been the worse piece of advice you have ever received, whether it was just inappropriate, lacked understanding, or just plain wrong?

I would hazard a guess there will be a lot of common experiences here.

To get the ball rolling here are a couple of mine.

Firstly, being told to think about people in the third world, disaster victims and the like, as that would put my problems into perspective, and I would not feel so depressed....

And secondly browsing a website called tumblr searching with the keyword "depression". A friend was with me and asked why was I looking at that as I was depressed enough already, I should be looking at happy websites.

What experiences have you had?

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Told to calm down and have a cup of tea yeah right cause that will just sort out everything wont it

or your just so selfish and full of self pity why dont you face up to what you have done wrong and sort it out and get on with your life instead of moaning



Just being told not to feel something that I feel. For me it's a bit like being told not to be who I am.



A week after I was diagnosed by my GP ha diagnosed me with depression and given me meds my friend said 'I thought you'd be better now'


Sounds familiar.... Depressed, I thought you got over that last


Yes, I agree with all of those,any advice that makes me feel less understood is bad advice, though generally well meant.


by a psychiatrist - " I don't think depressed people should talk to each other," !!!!



I wouldnt say 'advice' as such but i dont feel warmly towards the words 'well you seem better!' Its shockingly inaccurate every time.


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