Depression and everything that goes with it

Hi everyone, did anyone see ruby wax on the news talking about depression?? My!! she put it across so well how it causes so many illnesses. How people are in surmountable stress and how some people feel suicidle. She's had depression for 30 years and we need to talk about it more, get more help and not feel so alone with the terrible feelings it causes us. She said it doesn't matter who you are, what you have, so many people of all ages suffer with this demon inside us! Well done to ruby for speaking out!!!


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20 Replies

  • No I didn't but I've just been on u tube and seen clip of her talking about her depression... Good on you ruby, I wish everyone in the world who had it would stand up , takes the shame away ... I watched this Clip just now

    Big hugs to all those suffering right now

  • Thanks pip for putting it on for us to watch that's a great help xx

  • My pleasure, feels nice to be helpful :-) xxx

  • Everything she said was spot on!

  • Hi, although I didn't see her on the news she did a fantastic show a few years ago on her own mental health, when I remember what it was called il let you know, it is well worth watching, exspaecilly when she meets the professor who studies mental health, she also has a book out which is excellent. Thanks for letting us know I for one will try get it on catch up now xx

  • HI, yes Everlyn the documentary she did was called "MAD CONFESSIONS " really worth a watch, I got so much comfort from when she speaks to a professor who explains that depression is so very much more painful than physical pain, in fact what he said had such an impact they did a story on the programme and what he had said in the news papers the day after the show, I'd recommend anyone to Watch it. And yes Everlyn she is a FANTASTIC EMBASSER for mental health xxx

  • Thank you for the YouTube links Pippa!

  • Hi Everlyn when was this interview and what channel please ?? Id like to try get it on catch up ?? Many thanks x

  • Most of the comedians suffer depression in one way or another, it's amazing the ones you would never think had it sometime in their lives. Ruby isn't the only one who has spoken about it. I've suffered for 35 yrs on and off sometimes wonder how I'm still here.

  • Robbie138 sorry to hear how long you have had depression I suffer with anxiety attacks and have mild emphysema I suffer with anxiety attacks I am not on any thing but my gp want to put me on anti depressants but I will not take them as they are addictive and I am on diazepam which is I am addictive to so I don't want a another drug if they have a non addictive then I would take them camilla1

  • Hi Evelyn. Thank you so much for your post!

    I've known about Ruby and her mental-health problems for a couple of years now. I heard her being interviewed on Australia's ABC Radio when she was in Australia. It was RIVETING. This lady doesn't mess around when it comes to those who are clueless regarding depression ... including interviewers ;-)

    She disappeared off the radar for a few years and it was during this time, that she decided to formally educate herself about depression. She is SERIOUSLY knowledgeable about this illness so I strongly urge folks to check her out on YouTube etc. THANKFULLY, she has become a voice for all those who suffer from this life-changing illness in silence.

    Thank you for your post!

  • Yes agree with all the above she is brilliant I found another good one interview yesterday it's called Jimmy interviews ruby wax ((Google ) and well worth a watch, I'm reducing and changing meds at the moment and going though hell so anything like this is helping me battle through with HOPE that I can get though the next month till they kick in, xx

  • Sorry to hear you're struggling. It's such a battle isn't it. I was conditioned a little to think depression was a weakness, now I categorically believe that people with depression are the strongest people I know, to go through the hell of a major depression episode and still keeping walking is truly the strongest things anyone can do. I think those who have never had it walked in our shoes for a day they would be utterly amazed.

    All I can say then is well done Sandra .... People with depression are truly remarkable . Xx

  • Hi. Pip what a great way of putting it !!!! I totally agree with you, the strongest people most definitely are the ones who have/ do battle with depression, you always make very valuable, sensible and comforting replays to people's questions on here Thank you pip xx

  • Oh thank you :-)

    That's really kind of you.

    I haven't found mad confessions to put on here , is it on I player ?

    Sorry for such a delay in letting you know , I've been all over the place recently :-/ settling down a little now though thank goodness xx

  • Hi pip, it just goes to show, you really don't no who has depression, because whenever I read your replies, you sound as though your over yours and doing really well. As you always sound really up beat and in a good place, I'm so sorry to hear that pipa, I hope you ask for help on here when your struggling as you are always there for everybody else, don't worry about the ruby wax confessions we will sort it out another time, when we're both in a better place, you take care pip, I'm here anytime you need to a friend xx

  • Thank you :-) and very much ditto.

    I am one of those you wouldn't think had it. I am doing ok at the moment so I'm pleased. I would say it's now mild depression. When it's severe it's horrific. Support can be tricky as people don't believe I have it, I said I was depressed to a family member who responded "you're not depressed" . Inside I was thinking god if only you knew I just want to die.

    As I know how terrible it is at your worst I just like to help and offer comfort . It's taken four severe bouts my last one being the worst so I take it seriously and try and help those who need the support as it's so isolating. I felt ashamed if I'm honest , for years, that I had it and it's only now that I am opening up , my counsellor is helping immensely.

    Mental health illnesses are truly fatal. I'm low this morning but I have work so that gets me going.

    How are you today ? Xxx

  • Sorry the interview is in Surrey university with a professor Jim al ( something ) I didn't mean the one with Jim carry ( the comedian) Hope you enjoy it like I did xx

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