New Admin

New Admin

Hello everybody!

I'm Zach, one of your new admins. I promise I don't bite! My day job is in therapy, I live in the sticks of Lincolnshire and have a pet duck!

I'm an avid gamer in my free time between studying and work commitments. I'm a sufferer of severe major depressive disorder and GAD & have a lot of personal and professional experience in the field.

Just came back from holiday :)

I'm here to help should anyone need it!


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  • Hello there Zac its nice to meet you. Im sorry to hear about your depression and Gad I hope that you had a lovely holiday. Did you get a suntan? where did you go if you dont mind me asking. lots of love grace xoxoxo

  • was only mablethorpe! not too exotic! we got soaked by torrential rain 2 out of the 4 days but had a lovely time - just to be away from all the stress. had to take extra meds with me though as the anxiety and lack of sleep was really rough. but all in all - very good. was cheap at £80 - through sun holidays and a £40 upgrade

    we're off for a full week to thornwick bay next month though (full paid but we got a discount, was only 380!) - a beautiful bay on the yorkshire coast next month (near scarborough and the lovely bridlington) looking forward to the see-through waters and exploring the coastal caves and watching the sunset over the tall cliffs. it'll be bliss.

    any holiday plans yourself this year?

  • oh sorry to hear about that torrential rain. lets hope that you get better weather next month. still as you say its a stilll a break from the stress. your holiday at thornwick bay sounds wonderful, i'v not made any plans for a holiday but im quite impulsive and live on my own with my cat so i just have to get a lovely cat sitter and can go anytime. im very fortunate. wishing you well in your Administrators job. love grace oxoxox i forgot to say thats a lovely picture that you have posted

  • Thank you again Grace. I've lived alone a long time myself - both a blessing & curse I find but the pets make it worthwhile :)

  • Welcome to the site and I am pleased to virtually meet you .. Thank you for explaining about yourself. I hope this helps you too on your journey. Great to hear you have a pet duck.

  • Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I look forward to being a part of the community!

  • Hello Zach,


    Lovely to hear a little about you, and your duck 🦆🙂

    Best wishes 💗

  • Hi nice to meet you.

  • Hi Zach and welcome to the site :)

  • Hello Zach, Welcome to Depression Support. We've had a few changes here lately, but we seem to be adapting. It's a wonderful site , very supportive of each other. Glad to have you join us. Pam

  • I need my life back please

  • Welcome in your new role zavulon,

    I hope you find it interesting and it helps you, as well as others 😊

    All good wishes 🌺

  • Thank you all. tried to go two days without self medication but the self meds unfortunately won. Feeling better now though

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