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Brand new and Anxious


Hi everybody. I have decided to reach out and ask for some advice from everyone here regarding Talking therapy and Sertraline.

I've been suffering with depression for a couple of years and, eventually, faced up to it and decided to speak to a therapist (4 weeks ago). I won't bore you all with the details but she was helpful and I had 3 x 1hour sessions, over the telephone, but the last session she said she thought we were at the end of the course and wished me well. I guess I'm still surprised at how quickly she ended my "treatment" and I feel a little let down. I know we covered quite a bit of ground but I'm feeling as though we could have gone a little further. Am I wrong to feel this way?

I also had a phone conversation with my GP who believed Sertraline would be beneficial to me. I've read quite a few articles here about this medication and up to now (2 weeks in) I suffer from over-tiredness, sweating and nausea - will this get better? Is it right to still feel anxious and a little panicky occasionally? Some days I just don't want to get out of bed and I feel there's not alot to get up for! To be honest though, the meds must be working a little by now as I'm often "calmer" than before but how long will I feel this way?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello. Good luck! Are you seeing a counsellor or therapist? Ask for a referral pronto. There also have been a number of published studies that prove that doing exercise is very beneficial to those who have mental health issues. Try doing some light exercise each day. Cut down on your alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy diet as well. It might also be a nice idea to jot down your symptoms on paper too. Find a depression support group on Facebook that you can join in addition.

I was having therapy over the phone. I'm disabled so my exercise is walking - which I do daily. I don't drink (my medication and alcohol don't mix well!) and I eat healthy as poss. Other than that, good idea about the FB groups. Thankyou.

Hi. I’m also 2 weeks in with Sertraline and beginning to feel some improvement. The nausea though is awful. Just awful. I spoke to my Dr about it on Monday and she said it could take a few more weeks to pass.

I’m due my first counselling session in a couple of weeks. 3 sessions doesn’t sound an awful lot to me though. The last time I went i had a course of 6. Have to say I was very sceptical about it initially but felt it really helped.

Hope you feel better soon x


Hi! If you don’t think three session is enough then find someone new! The first time I sought help, the guy told me he doesn’t think I need his help and not to schedule a second appointment... how can he know me that well in one session? Little did he know I was thinking about suicide. The second person I went to see seemed so bored and uninterested in our sessions. I only saw him twice and never went back. I’m on my third and I love her! No matter how little my problem actually is she is there with advice. Sometimes we just chat because I don’t have anyone in my life to do that with. I suggest looking for someone else to help with with this depression and anxiety.

As for Meds I have no experience or knowledge so I have no advice.

louloulemon56 in reply to kv3011

I appreciate your input. Thankyou.

Allow up to five weeks to feel any benefit. Be patient

Regards your Telephone interaction, sad to say in the UK the system is overworked and that can have affects on treatment pathways.

I went through something similar and I only had one telephone call and asked to call the police. I relate


Sounds like you've had a rough time. Thanks for your input. Good luck.

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