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Hello everyone, Patricia here from N.ireland, i am a mental health advocate and support worker.

Although i am not professionaly trained i do have my own support group in a few different areas and have lots of experience in this area, also life experience as i have BPD and have been quite poorly a few times. I do have lots of heart and alot of love in me to share and i will promise to always listen and never judge..

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  • Hi Patricia.


    I'm new here today too.

    I'm sure you have such a lot to offer to this support group and I hope you enjoy it here and feel it also helps provide you with some support too.

    Best wishes 🌺

  • Oh thank you, yes not going to lie, even i need support also and here is the place, remember i am here for you also and you are my first friend here lol

  • 😊 yes I think it works both ways, and if we can help we feel good too.

    I'm pleased to be the first 😊

    Nice to meet you !


  • And you, how r you this evening??:)

  • I'm not too bad thank you.

    Finding my way around.

    The text box keeps going missing 😩 I think it's just getting used to things.

    I have been on other forums in the past, this one seems nice. I find you can learn such a lot and it's sometimes good to write thing sdone if you feel anxious about something

    I'm sure we will both benefit from it ! 😊

  • Yes indeed, and like you i am new here but i do encourage you to speak up and be honest and know that i am here of you ever need someone :)

  • Thank you

    Nice to know

    I've just clicked to follow you

    My first person to follow 😊💕

    Look forward to seeing you around !

  • I hope you are well too x

  • I did also with you. Great to have a fellow newbie..:)

  • Hello Patricia, I am also an advocate and a service user researcher at a university. Can I ask if you are using BPD to mean borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder? I find it very easy to start a conversation with someone thinking one thing, and the other something else. That state where we are both speaking english but don't understand each other!


  • Hello.

    Bpd as in B, line personaity

    but i also get confused with these "tags".

    I run online commity of 2700 and i also run 5 support groups a week, very busy but very worth it. You can find us on facebook or google under me4mental.

    Are you yourself a sufferer?



  • Bipolar Disorder type II with complex PTSD.

  • And do you find you are managing okay?

  • Hi Patricia

    I'm from N Ireland too & really struggling with severe anxiety & depression (amongst other conditions like fibromyalgia etc). I used to work full time and do a lot of voluntary work at an animal sanctuary at weekends (I prefer animals to most people) but my anxiety & depression have got so bad that I can't even do that anymore. It's weird how quickly your life can change... I'm no expert on any medical condition. I only have my own experiences to go by, but just give me a shout if you ever need to vent or anything.

    I'm still new to this site so I'm still checking it out but I imagine there's a way to PM anyone if needed.

    Take care & hang in there :)

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