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16 and sad

So lately i dont know whats been going on with me. I been really tired lately and constantly just dont want to get up in mornings. I walk around school thinking everything is gonna be fine but then i cant concentrate on anything and i feel so empty. I begin to look around see people be happy while me, i feel lonely . i go school feeling terrible about myself and wanting to go to home and sleep. I've been crying alot lately and i feel so misplace , like i dont belong here. I tried my hardest to convice myself that things will get better but i always end up having a major break down and sometimes i wanna end it all. I dont want to tell my parents because i dont wanna worry them anymore. Then my anxiety kicks in and now i feel like theres no escape anymore. That ima continue to suffer , im scares that ill do something stupid and im hopelss now , broken.

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I'm so sorry for how you feel.

With the right help and support it can improve.

Have you thought of making an appointment to see your gp or asking to see the school nurse. Schools are much more helpful in this nowadays.

You need the help to guide you and in turn you will feel better.

Please have the courage to reach out, because then things can begin to improve for you

You don't deserve to struggle

Hugs to you ❤️


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