Depressed all the time

Hi I'm 17 studying in college and feel awful with depression all the time. I have times of happiness but in general feel deflated and have no interest in anything anymore. I keeps having rapid thoughts going through my head and replay past events and make up a series of events that I think will happen. Any advise on what type of depression I have? Can I get antidepressants without parents consent as I am 17, in the UK?

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  • Yeh you can get antidepressants with out parents consent, two of my friends did before. Hope you feel better soon. They'll only saying something if you say you want to end it or anything about hurting your self

  • Hi bobo whilst it maybe true you can get access to depression please dont see it as a miricle cure try confiding in someone you trust do you have any councillors at your collage ! The reason i said to try and seek advice first is any antidepressants can be very adictive and at your age it not a good place to be take care and hope you get the help you need !

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