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Hi all depressed people

Hi i'm Tina and have suffered with depression since I was 18 years old I'm now 47 years old. The only help I get is seeing a psychiatrist every 3 months. Like some of you on this site I find it hard to get out of bed sometimes and don't eat for days. My cat keeps me going she is so special a rescue cat she keeps checking I am okay. I also have thyroid problem take 150mcg thyroxine a day and also insulin dependant diabetic. Anybody who is also struggling alone please get in touch and I will reply.

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Welcome to the forum,

While not an actual mental health professional, from personal experience, I am suggesting that a 3 monthly visit to a psychiatrist would not do much to address your symptoms. If you were taking antidepressants then seeing the doctor every 3 months would be okay for a medication review.

I find that having a monthly appointment with a psychologist for talk therapy helps more than the psychiatrist unless he/she is willing to invest time talking with you in depth.

Finding a local support group will be good for you. The group meetings and activities gives you something to get out of bed for. Check in with your primary care provider for some suggestions.

Apathy and it's very many forms (loss of interest, enthusiasm, concern etc) can be a real energy (mental, physical and emotional) killer.

I have taken up a new hobby, family research to keep my brain active and while away the hours instead of staying in bed.

For other ideas about how to spend your day, keep watching the site and maybe head down to the library for some reading materials. Have a coffee on the way as a reward for getting out and about. Celebrate your achievement!

All the best,



Hello Tina

Sorry to read about your depression. I do not think it good enough that you only see a psychiatrist once every 3 months. Plus you live alone, apart from your cat who clearly loves you. Cats are caring, shame they cannot speak 😊 You say you are also a diabetic, surely you need to eat at regular intervals? I am concerned that you are isolated. Do you have any family or friends? I personally feel you could do with support and some company. Depression is such a difficult illness to deal with, surely there are organisations that you can contact, would you like me to look for you? Maybe a distraction would make you feel better, please do not think you are alone there are millions of people like you. Hope I have helped a little 🤗

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Like you, I have suffered depression most of my life with periods far worse than others. I have to say that having seen two psychiatrists in my time, they were a complete waste of space. All they did was question me about my childhood and my present situation then prescribe anti-depressants. In fact they made me angry because I considered I could do their job, and take their extremely high salary! I too have hypothyroid (low thyroid) and the psychiatrists failed to check if it was my thyroid illness causing my severe depression. Now in hindsight I think it was definitely contributing to it. I've found anti depressants do work for me, and trying to force myself to do things I enjoy. It's really tough going though, particularly as I tend to be agoraphobic and haven't really found new friends in the area I moved to seven years ago. Good luck x

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Hi all, following this thread with interest - I'm sure there is much research needed to investigate the link between low thyroid and depression. I too take levothyroxine, and although I'm told my levels are "within normal limits" I often feel as though they aren't. Tina, sorry to hear you're struggling at present - I agree that seeing a psychiatrist once every three months isn't ideal and would second those who suggest you find a support group to help you get out of the house. Your cat sounds lovely though :-)

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Hi. Ask your psychiatrist to organise cbt (cognitive behaviour therapy).They are experts in situations like you are in. Give that a try. Sam.


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