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My friend has depression. Lately she's been confiding in me more than in her family or friends. I am always there for her even if it is just to let her vent. Sometimes it gets annoying as I feel like I'm going in circles with her. Sadly a lot of things she says and her behaviours sound like me. It makes me appreciate my other half more for dealing with me.

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It's great you came on here. It's always important to put your own mental health above others to avoid a crazy snowball effect.

Sometimes people can be snapped out of depression when they feel like they're helping others. Have you considered talking to your friend about your problems?

Is your friend aware she has depression?


Yeah she gets medicationfor it. And trueas they say, people are always better at giving advice to others than yourself. I'm not sure whether shed be interested as ive tried before and in her eyes everything is simple when it comes to me and my stuff


Do you get value from the friendship?


She's nice it's not like we're supporting each other or are very close.


If you are struggling with your own challenges, the people you need around you are positive and supportive ones. It sounds harsh to say, but you must cut off the people who have a negative influence on you.

You have to weigh the balance of what value she brings as a friend against how she can negatively affect you.

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