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So I'm 21, posted a few times. My head is messed up. Been on antipsychotics for 17 years as of next week. Still can't be figured out what's wrong with me. Definitely a personality disorder, possibly and most likely dissociative. Found myself having nightmares while I'm awake again. Scared my boss and a few customers. Does anyone here know how to handle it?

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Hi Aiden1996

Happy Birthday for next week.

Hey, I remember you! 17years! You been taking medication since you were 4yrs old? and they haven't diagnosed you?

I go along with your own feelings but not being a doctor, I couldn't say. If it's been a while since your last appointment, I would definitely make another. I would like think that by now they would be able to make a firm diagnosis.

Do let us know how you get on and take care.

Warm wishes



All they can say so far is I display most of the traits commonly associated with social psychopathy.


Blimey- how do you feel being in anti psychotics since you were 4?! Do you think it was necessary? Have they helped?

Do you agree with their thinking about social psychopathy?

I wish I could help more. Best wishes💗


This must be very difficult for you to manage Aiden1996 I feel for you I really do.



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