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Went to see my a gp at my doctors

I got to say what I wanted and it all came out, !! tears and all, and when i came out of there he gave me more pills and to see me with more time next time. well on the drive home,,, i started crying but this time is was gutteral heart wrenching sobs for tears I couldnt see so I pulled over and my whole family has been ripped apart by all this, and what my gp said to me, and what she didnt put on my notes years ago could have made all the difference to my life.

Luckily my doctor gave me talking space and i phoned them there and then, after almost heaving with gutteral crys from deep inside of me, pain!! emotional pain!! kids hurt me , everything was just such a mess,. Im glad they were there, and thankfully i wasnt feeling suicidal , i was okay, but the meds had been dowsing how hurt I was feeling and didnt really cry before now, just heavy emotional pain. So I have a appointment to see the counsellor thankfully not at the surgery, but I can write to the gmc and say how they handled the report last time did not save guard other vulnerable people being treated by this,,, so called gp psychiatrist, and now they have to save guard them, because an abuser or a pedo just does not stop!! they just carry on till they go to prison, or get stopped!!

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Hello,coatpin, sounds as if you're going through a bad spell and I can only offer sympathy and hope that you come through this as heppily and soon as possible.

I hope venting your feelings has helped a bit , but I found your post a bit confusing. Sometimes a calmer post which details the problem more clearly means we are able to give more help and support.



read my other posts then it might become clearer. no advise needed really.

Thank you anyway.


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