I went to the doctors

ok so today i went to see a doctor i hardly spoke but my sister was there and she did the talking it was a male doctor and this made me feel uncomfortable and i felt like he was judging me i had to be weighed -_- and im not underweight yet i dont know how i feel about the whole thing as i went to sleep after and it made me feel like it was a dream he said something about a referral i also couldnt stop itching as soon as i got in the doctors room like when i get to school


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  • You itching could be a form of anxiety it cause from being uncomfortable. I always need to pee when I'm in the situations. I'm glad you went to the doctors though. The referral can help too. I'm awaiting on an appointment at the moment. Proud of you for taking that first step. 😊

  • Well done Leo for going to the doctors finally.   It's good to know our nagging hasn't been in vain.  Now follow the doctors orders and accept the treatment you need to start to get better.   x

  • He there, Leo!

    I agree with the above two posts 100%!  I am proud of you for going to the dr. NOW... as has been said before...you LISTEN to the dr, and just plain make up your mind that things will be getting better and better!! And they WILL!! You will see!! All kinds of good luck to you!!

  • Great that you went to the doctor I hope your referral helps you. I know about the just sleeping after appointments, it takes a lot out of you to being talking about things to someone you don't know. Great that you have the support of your sister. I know the itching thing too well. I still do it without realising when I am getting anxious in situations. It does get better as you learn to cope.

    You should be proud that you've taken the first step. I found that making a note of things I wanted to say helped me when meeting someone I wasn't sure of. Just remember the doctors are there to help and they won't judge you.

    No harm in taking someone with you each time you go if that helps you. I have appointments where I ask my Mum to come with me even now and it makes it easier for me to just have her there.

    Take care and good luck.

  • Seeing  your GP with your Sister was a good move, you mention you have not lost weight yet, are you not eating and this is what the referral is for ?.

    How can we help


  • It was kinda weird though he told me im im just out of the under weight categor and i felt 2 things all this pressure to see someone wasn't needed by my family and 2 i was in a way disappointing in myself i felt like i failed ive not been eating right for 2 years and im not even under weight it was hard to hear and it just made me ashamed 

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