I'm losing myself

My body is at the brink of shutting down, my mind is just about holding. I swear I'm literally a spitting image of my protagonist in my book 😒 well I did base her on me but that was before my symptoms went out of hand...

I have a strong mind but a weak body, my right knee has given way so many times and I've faded so many times... will I pass out? Who knows....

I suppose I'm asking for help but I really don't know...


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2 Replies

  • hello,Ibana,unless you're my age there's not much danger of your body shutting down and I'm sure your mind has a lot in reserve. You don't really say what the problem is (I'm sure it's more than a knee) so tell us a bit more and we'll be able to offer more help.

    Until then can only offer sympathy and a webhug.


  • When this happens to me:

    - I feel light headed like the feeling when you're being put under anaesthetic for surgery, everything fades (sounds, smells, light)

    - my body feels like I have a fever, where it feels like it's going to give up any minute

    - my right knee (so far) gives way so I nearly fall and have to hold something to support myself

    - I also struggle to think and concentrate

    - this lasts between 2 minutes and 2/3 hours

    I don't know why this has been happening to me but then again, I did have my first panic attack last week. Could they be linked? Is this my bipolar getting worse or something else?

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