I'm super grossly FAT😔(just venting)

I'm 33 and I'm about and 4'11•5 tall and I'm 200lbs. I hate shopping for myself especially if I have to go in a fitting room. So to make a long story I went shopping for an outfit today and like always I had to see my big guiggly body my. My thighs rub, my leggs look like cottage cheese, calves are huge my arms are super big...so nothing fits right because I have a weird body..so I came out of the store with nothing I hate my body.

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  • Hi are you on the right site as this is a depression one? I am not quite sure what you want anyone to say to you. The only thing I can think of is if you hate your body then you have to try and lose weight - there is no magic wand I'm afraid. Have you sought the help of your doctor? x

  • Hi

    That must make life really difficult for you. Why not join a weight loss programme and get support from one of the weight loss communities on the website?


  • Hello

    I know how you feel, my weight is bad and is caused by medications for a chronic pain condition

    Go and see your GP and He should be able to refer you to a weight control clinic. It is important that you get seen soon as weight will put strain on your heart.

    Basically they should put you on a diet, there are many different types they can use.

    As you are loosing weight they can prescribe exercise at a fitness centre and also if required, if they feel it is beneficial medical intervention.

    Sorry that is all I can suggest, see your GP sooner rather than later

    Good Luck


  • I have to be brutely frank. If you have no medical problem responsible for weight gain your body weight is totally under your control. Its simple maths calories in minus calories expended "equals" weight gain. Given no medical problems causing weight gain such as excessive water retention as an example there is no intrinsic reason why you cannot in say six months look like a super model. Its just a question of what you want to be.

    Now I am overweight myself but I do not look for magic. If I eat less (or exercise an awful lot more ) I will lose weight. How could anything else happen ?

    I know it is n't easy . I enjoy my food and as a result am overweight. However as I'm 72 and not that much overweight I put up with it as I enjoy my food. When depressed I lose appetite and lose weight Its that simple. I don't end up hating my ugly body. My mind is within my control ,however bad I might be at controlling it. No self discipline and will power.

    Unfortunately super models these days are usually extraordinarily tall ,but you know what I mean.


  • Hi, Why not join the weight loss NHS community and try the NHS weight loss program. There is also a weekly weight on there that you can take part in if you like.

    Take care.

  • Hi,

    I have a slightly different take on this than the others.

    If your weight issue is simply a weight issue & you've tried dieting with no real results. Then there are some choices.

    For health reasons it would be best to lose weight. If you can't, then to avoid being depressed about how you look, find clothes that suit your body shape.

    I have no idea what your issues are, but as a wee fat barrel myself Ican share the following.

    Don't hide under loose fitting 'tents', that adds volume.

    If you have an ample bosom, DO NOT wear polo or turtle necks. Wear 'v' necks or collared shirts, NOT buttoned to the top.

    Balance out your shape, only wear leggings if you're tucking them into knee or mid high boots. Broad shoulders & leggings create a v shape, not flattering.

    Really important get a good supportive bra, it will look good & help your posture.

    Tunic tops & uneven hems are in, so try them. Be sure to get a decent length though.

    If you really hate high street dressing rooms, consider QVC, you get the item delivered, try it in the comfort & privacy of your own home. If the item is wrong for you, just return it for a full refund. You do lose out on the P&P charges, but only you can decide if it's worth it.

    Try clothes made from viscose, it's a breathable natural fibre & is mostly accompanied by elastane which is very forgiving. You can find quite a lot on the internet.

    Finally, embrace who you are, dress to suit your body & remember, every woman hates something about her body.

    I hope this gives you some ideas. Take care.

  • Check out Beyond Chocolate beyondchocolate.co.uk/how-b... as much for body-positive, loving yourself, acceptance, as anything else.

    I have recently discovered 'Yours Clothing' on line or in store, good fashion for larger ladies, decent prices, great range of bras and jeans, speedy delivery. yoursclothing.co.uk

    I've never been skinny, some people aren't meant to be. I'm 41. After an operation 3 years ago to remove ovarian cysts and hysterectomy I have put more weight on, aided by HRT and stopping smoking.

    I eat wholefood, vegetarian food & fish, I have several vegan meals during the week, loads of veg, pulses etc. Use olive oil, wholemeal flour etc etc. People probably look at me and think I live on McDonalds- they're wrong.

    My cholesterol, blood pressure etc was fine the last time I went for a health check-up. I could tell the nurse was disappointed!

    Concentrate on healthy food and loving and caring for yourself. If you lose weight, great! If you don't, then learn to love yourself for you instead, and find clothes to accentuate your best features.

  • Hi I'm so sorry to hear you feel this way about yourself. Trust me I know how hard it is to look at yourself and say I love the way I look. But believe me you can learn to love yourself.

    Check out my blogs, they could help you to see yourself differently ?


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