Am I over reacting?

I waa inba relationship with this boy but everyone we met he gotbon my nerves because we would meet about two hours away long distance and the firstbtime we met he kept taking so long to actually go and get his bus.this happened all the time,the last time we met ,I was really ill I made the effort to go and didn't feel up to it I told him this and he took three hours to go home I felt this was really disrespectful because he knew I was illl and he said hes just going to get one more drink quickly after I told him I think I need to.g.home as I really wasn't up for could be me overreacting but if you tell someone your not well and need to go home to order another drink Is rude I feel and he kept trying to ger me to meet him tommorow but I dint feel up to long distance tbh not getting back to evening ,sorry to bore you all

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  • Hi annymonous

    Firstly your not a bore! And If you are feeling unwell then maybe it would be wise not to meet up with your friend!

    If he is not listening to what you are saying, then maybe he is not the right one for you!

    Obviously, this is totally your decision as to what you choose to do, but you do need to look after You and your Health!

    Warm Wishes spykey 🤗

  • thankyou,your right hes been off with me cause I cant meet him as I have a job interview xx

  • Good Luck with your interview you deserve it! Follow what you feel is right for you! If he cared surely he should be supporting you!

    Take Care spykey🤗

  • thankyou spykey. Am I allowed to go to interviews when signed off sick thankyou xx

  • I am not sure I can answer that question as it's not my area of expertise! Sorry!

    Take Care spykey🤗

  • thankyou anyway I assume so as my Dr said I should xx

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