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Hi my mum died in may last year I'm 41 my dad died when I was 5 , they both died of cancer . My mum had cancer on and off since I was 19 that was when she had her first chemotherapy . She wanted to die at home it was hard work but it was my mum , my mum was a hard working women brought up in East end of London she was my world I looked after her for such a long time I'm now left with this giant hole in my life I miss her every day , I talk to her all the time I always say good night mum . We are coming up to the first anniversary it's been a year , mother's day is on it's way I do have children and a partner . Mum never said I love you I don't think she was brought up that way but two days before she died I told her I love you mum and the last thing she ever said to me was I love you too . I miss her my mum

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  • poor love,,,i shall pray for you ,,such a sad story yet such a touching one,good that you got to say and hear those special words ,you will never forget those words,,what a comfort those words would have been to your mother in that moment ,i take it that you tell your children you love them every day now ,this can never be said often enough xxx God Bless xx

  • Prior, I'm so sorry for your losses. Anniversaries, especially the first ones, are tough. I hope your partner is supportive. It's ok to keep telling your mom, "goodnight." She hears you. I know just how you feel. You never truly get over it. You just learn to go on with it always a part of your life. We're here for you.

  • If I can only sacrifice my life in exchange of your mum I would do that. I am sorry for your lost.

  • Prior, my thoughts go out to you. I lost my mum last year, it will be a year at the end of this month. Sadly there are no words but they will live on in our hearts and minds till the day we die.


  • Hi prior, my mum died in March four years ago. It's so painful it can barely be put into leaves a gap that can never be filled I know that. Mother's Day!! Yes I remember my first without her!! It's not easy but I always put flowers in my house on mother's day and her birthday. I still talk to my mum too. As time goes by you still shed some tears but not as many.its been so hard for you seeing your mum so ill. You did her proud because not everyone manages to die st home and that's no shame on anyone. It is natural to feel like there is a big hole in your life because you spent such a long time looking after her. You also have your family you look after too. Somewhere in all of that is you!! You have to find something for you now. What would you like to do? Do something you've always wanted too. A new hobby? Just time for you. Try walking and meditation. Those two things saved me from a dark place in my mind. What ever you decide it's got to be for you. I've spent my life looking after other people which I don't regret and it feels indulgent going to meditation classes but I love it. Your still greaving as well and you can get support through your doctor if you need someone proffesional to help you through it. Sending you a big hug and I believe when we talk away to our love ones they hear us. But that's another story. 💜

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