Is this a symptom?

So ive had a pretty tuff life from birth and im 35 now and i feel like its just getting worse for me. So ive lived in the same area for 30yrs and in the past few months i become very confused about where im going or even what im doing. Literally. Driving, walking or even shopping. I drove to my sisters the other day and i stopped in front of her driveway for a few minutes because i couldn't figure out which side of the driveway i was supposed to drive in on. Its a block of units so one side is to drive in the other to drive out and i was totally clueless on which side was the point of entry for me but im like this everyday. I even have to pull over and use google maps because i dont know where the hell im going even if its just down the road. So naturally i think a lot and i talk fast my multitasking skills are amazing and instead of sleeping and feeling drowzy after an operation im wide awake for 48hrs pumped and ready to do anything...i just cant remember what. I also have severe depression so my question is--is this a symptom? Im starting to think im skitzo!! Could my "brushing off the past" be playing a part in forgetting whats going on. This s*** really irritates the hell out of me. But I'll push send and probably forget i even wrote this 😕😢

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  • Hello there Confused17

    Welcome to our Forum. Our members are very friendly and will offer you support very soon, I'm sure.

    Take care


  • It's sounds like a really frustrating situation. I would recommend talking to a professional to help you unpick this. Have you had any talking therapy before? Are you taking medication? I've got to go now as I'm being summoned by my little boy, but look forward to hearing from you x

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