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Have a job interview Tuesday but...


I cant decide if i should go or not, i already have a job its part time but the hours vary between 20,30 sometimes 40(if lucky) hours a week.(inconaistent hours but minimum being 20) but its also nice havjng the days off inbetween shifts.

My current job the manager is clueless and running the place into the ground and everyone is leaving.

However its only a 2 min drive down the road from where i live where as the new job is further afield in that its 30 mins drive pending on traffic.

The newer job would be 38 hours a week monday to friday and working with hand held power tools making cctv camera mounted equipment.

It would also be that i would make £2500 a year more then my current job

I currently work in retail as a team leader but there is a lot of backside kissing going on etc but despite all of this i guess its a comfort zone.

I am actually anxious as hell about weather or not i should go changing jobs i want too but at the same time im feeling so conflicted about it.

My head is pretty much all over the place and i just do not know what to do. A part of me feels mentally maybe i am not ready to work full time like that while another part of me feels like im just looking for excuses.

I am still strugling with SH, suicidal thoughts more so these last two weeks or so the roller coaster just never stops but its never effected my job, apart from appearence wise of having to wear a long sleeve jumper under my work shirt all the time to hide the cuts.

But anyway yeah i feel conflicted about it all a million things running through my head coming going coming going i just really dont know what to do and had to get this off my chest.

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Hi why not go to the interview anyway as you have nothing to lose. If they offer you the job you then have the option of deciding whether to take it or not. You might think you would love it or the reverse but you will never know if you don't go. Lil x

CJ2016 in reply to Hidden

Maybe your right, perhaps i am just thinking into it too much.

Hidden in reply to CJ2016

It might be the job of your dreams :) x

CJ2016 in reply to Hidden

Haha to be honest i never really thought what i really wanted to do when i "grew up" from the age of 14 i always thought/wanted to die young so i never thought too far ahead in regards to my future.

Of course i left school with crap qualifications and still no idea what i wanted to do i hated school hated life and just took each day as is.

But yeah even the thought of a 9 till 5 job feels depressing, feels so empty just feels cliche to how life just is.

But again thats maybe just me and my strange thought process.

Hello CJ2016, and welcome to the forum. Well done for the job interview. As lilaclil suggested, why not go to the interview anyway. You will have a better idea then.Also, you may like to draw 2 columns and write at the top of each one "pros" and "cons" and list these. This would be good to do after the interview. Please have a look at the crisis helplines on the pinned post section to the right of the screen which can help you when you are struggling. Good luck with whatever decision you make. Best wishes.

You know, good things happen with change. Also maybe stepping out of "your comfort zone" is or will be a positive change for you. If you look on the other side of things, can change your look in many different ways.

CJ2016 in reply to krazy-girl

Yeah maybe all of you guys are right i sure as hell feel like a different person this time around going for an interview compared to when i landed my current job.

My mood was on top of the world then , now its back to square one again hoping to climb back up some how.

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