Any here also deal with loneliness

Iv never been able to maintain friendships im not a bad person i dont think. People seem to have friendships that have lasted from primary school high school college and work i dont seem to have any friends And its driving me crazy in too of work stress being from a asian community most things are taboo i dont really know how to make friends apart from beg people for their time seeing people out together with friends upsets me :(

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  • This sounds so sad. Many people are lonley in this life, through many different circumstances. I see that your muslim and probably dont drink. Are there no Muslim commuities near you. Or perhaps you could have a look online and see if there is any where in your area or nearby. AS you say many things are taboo. Have you heard of "MEETUPS' its an online thing where you would go to google type in meetup and where ever you live say it was glasgow you would type in meetups glasgow, then all the adds would come up and what it is basically is most people go on thier own to those occasions, you would look and see what your were interested and then just add your email address and you would get emails to join whatever you sign up to. it might be a ramblers walk or eating out curry clubs and laughter clubs i mean there is everything you could think of. i went to the laughter club and someone starts of laughing and its not long before i was laughing myself. i went on my own and didnt know anyone at the end of the class people sometimes ask you if you want to go for a coffee there is every nationality there as many are students who dont know anyone and are new to the country. they have no friends and no one to go out with. the best part is that everyone is on there own so you wont feel isolated. i'v also been to the dance classes and the mediation classes i mean there is everything and it doesnt costs the earth either it depends which you pick obvioulsy if you want to go eating out with others. who are all strangers to each other in the first meetup then you pay for the meal. its a great way to meet people. please have a look anyway and see what you think. im wishing you all the very best and hope that this will be good for you . all my love and hugs to you. keep your chin up. love grace xoxoxo

  • thank you very much for taking your time to reply i will defo have a look at this sight.

    there isnt anything near by and i try with people locally but no ones seems ineterested.

  • there are places in mosts towns so please let me know how you get on. its all local inside the city you live in. Just be yourself and stay true to your own values and morals. you sound like a nice person, not a lot of men admit to being lonely and its nice to want friends. i really do wish you well.ALLAHUMDAULLAH xoxoxo🌹

  • Hi and a lot of people lose touch with friends over the years too. You can teach yourself to make friends - I did. I watched how others interact and how the popular behave and what they do etc. It took quite a while but eventually I did learn. I have had friends ever since. x

  • MuslimLAD....

    I have lived through your, almost exact, scenario! I'd like to talk to you if you can call me! Just let me know if that would work for you...and I'll give you my phone number!

    Len G.

  • I havnt been able to activate my email for some reason

    Im at work till 5pm my number is 07565168024

    Please text me before you call incase im with family as i have not told them im feeling like this as i dont want them to worry

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