Pregnant and struggling

Hi, this is my first post on anything like this.

Myself and my partner have been arguing for quite a few months now (I think because of how I am at the moment) but no matter how much I try to explain he just doesn't seem to be able to help. I have a lot of issues with family (not close), work (stressful and very busy job) and now my relationship. Usually I can cope with these things and just get on with it, but since being pregnant I just can't seem to cope. I'm over thinking, over reacting and over emotional. I have explained all of these feelings and thoughts to him and have even told him what I need from him (cuddles, reassurance love and to be honest just a little help around the house and with our other child - I am not over reacting when I say he does NOTHING lol) At the time he says all of the right things and helps for a day or two but then everything goes back to normal. He says we have never been a 'lovey dovey' type of couple so he won't start to do it now... I am not aski for that, I'm just asking for the basics.

Do I just need to get on with things? Am I expecting too much? Am I just being stupid?

I have a midwife appointment this afternoon and plan to explain this to her too... I have briefly mentioned it at my last appointment.

Thank you

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  • Pregnancy and hormone fluctuations go hand in hand. Your partner should be more understanding. Sounds like he's not the most giving man in the world. Being pregnant puts you in a very vulnerable spot. Is there a close friend you can rely on? You need support & your man should be there for you. Therapy could help you through if you can get in to see a counselor. In the meantime, keep talking to us. We've got good ears.

  • Just hearing things like this makes me feel that bit better... stops me thinking I am acting like a crazy mad women. He isn't the most affectionate person in the world and I know that's just how we are, I can normally handle it but at the moment I just can't seem to xx

  • Hi there,

    Health Unlocked have a Pregnancy Forum, the BPAS and I have just checked their Forum and you may wish to join this.


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