Am I depressed?


I think I may be depressed but not sure. I feel tired and like I can't be bothered to do anything all the time. I can't remember the last time I was genuinely happy, which is awful as I had a baby last year. Since my daughter arrived my feelings of worthlessness and being useless at everything have increased. My partner and I have a very strained relationship now and I have zero sex drive.

I feel like I'm moaning and miserable and need to just snap out of it and enjoy life, but I just can't seem too.

Thank you.

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  • Yes sounds like classic signs of depression. Go to see your gp to arrange some counselling and talk about medication. This is a long road but dont ever feel like you just need to pull yourself together. I have had depression for several years but only diagnosed about 2 years ago. I have plenty of good things around me like you said you have a new baby but none of these make me feel happy as depression is an illness. Its a chemical imbalance in your brain.

    My sex drive hasnt gone but I find sex less enjoyable lately. Maybe thats a different story.

    Keep in touch and let me know how it goes with your gp.


  • Certainly sounds like there might be a little something up. When I was first diagnosed with depression, it was my Health Visitor I confided in, not my GP. She was fab and spoke to the GP on my behalf. That could be an option for you while your baby is still young? X

  • Maybe you have post-natal depression, I know I had it and felt worthless and the most useless mother on earth. I use to wonder if my daughter would survive having such a useless mother!! Fortunately, my husband was supportive. Bringing up children is very tiring,especially the first year or so and you seem so tired all the time, or at least I did. Go and see your GP and see if they can help you. All the best. xxx P.s. My daughter did very well and is a happy adult now.

  • Thanks for your replies. I want to phone the doctors but I'm just worried they'll think I'm wasting my time, maybe I'm just a miserable person. I haven't talked my feelings through with my partner either, again I'm too scared too! Am I just being silly?

  • Hi. From what you are describing it sounds like depression. It is difficult to talk about this subject with those close to you. From my experience I really wish I had gone to my GP earlier instead of trying to "pull myself together". The longer you leave it the deeper you may go. The first step to asking for help is the hardest. As previously said it is a chemical imbalance and even though we have a lot things to count as blessings depression still affects our lives. Please take that first step...and never feel you are being silly. I hope this helps a little and always here for you xx

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