I'm in a dark place and need advice


I'm male 17 and from the UK and suffer from depression and anxiety. and possible Bipolar disorder.

I'm currently working at subway and living on my own, I don't have any contact with my family and don't have many friends.

recently I've been extremely low and no motivated like I usually am. and in need of help but I don't know how to go about it, I tried getting an appointment at the doctors but couldn't get one in the timeframe of my temp sick note for work and my friend said to go to the walk-in centre but I don't want to waste their time.

i just need some advice

As well as this I have been waking up into a panic attacks

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  • Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Can you please familiarise yourself with the community guidelines please. You will find these on the right under pinned posts. Thank you.

    I am not sure what you mean by your temporary sick note? Do you mean you self certificated? Are you back at work now? If so just ring up the doctors for an appointment.

    If you are still off sick then ring the doctors back and explain to the receptionists and ask what you should do. Maybe a doctor can call you back and extend it a bit longer before you can be seen. Don't give up though please. Bev x

  • Hi. It is a self certificated and I have 3 days left of it. But the doctors is fully booked.

  • Ring up the doctors on Monday and tell the receptionist. You can't be the first person this has happened to so they must have a way of dealing with it. Or if you feel better enough go back to work until you get the appointment.

  • Hello make an appointment at the doctor and talk about these things. Please also look at the useful youth website kooth.com

    Good luck.

  • There are many helplines out there,just pick up the phone,you will get their numbers online, i am 50 and i have suffered with a mild form of bipolar all my life,it is a debilitating illness,remember it is a health condition and you need treated just like you would for any other medical condition.I hope you take the first step and talk to someone,please trust me,i wish you all the best.Alix

  • it ias always a great shock when you are 17 , have to live on your own and fend for yourself . I remember how terribly scared and anxious I was then and everything seem to get on top of me . You are in a very stressful transitional period . Don't panic / slow down .

    You must get back to GP's receptionist and insist on an evening appointment (they cant just be open from 9 to 6PM?!!) and discuss your anxiety , get medication if needed , get a doctor's sick note for 2 or 3 weeks off (you need a rest or you may get more ill) .

    A word about walk-in medical centre . Only advantage : they are open until quite late (8 or 9PM) and even Saturdays (just ring in advance and check) . Disadvantages: very long waiting time s(in spite of promises of patients being seen within hour. In my case it was over 3hours !!) you may be see very quickly by a nurse (not a proper doctor) if they are very busy . Also if you are registered with a GP ( they will ask you & check) they may turn you away (disgusting!) . Sorry for the bad news but I do wissssssh someone had told me about useless uncaring medical walk in helth centres . Maybe I was just flaming unlucky !

    I share your frustration and anger at your doctor's being fully booked up as I keep having the same experience . I am "lucky" if I can get appointment in 3 or 4 weeks time !! Or else I have to ring up on the day after 8AM ! Crazy .

    Hope you get better soon . Best wishes . cecilia13

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, since this post I've managed to get into the doctors' appointment and been seen, They've put me on some medication and referred me to some therapy, but have not given me a sick note, they said they can't give them to under 18's as I don't have to work! WHAT!? I know annoying but the bright side of being on a zero hour contract is I can decline the hours, but it can also be a bad thing. but as well as the therapy and pills they want an ECG and bloods. why is that? but the dr. also said she doesn't think i have bipolar as i seem to be managing myself quite well

  • glad about good news for you , re. doctor' business . At lst you are making some progress , well done ! Agree with you its shocking you cant get a sick note/medical certificate because you are under 18 !! I suppose they mean you should be studying / full time education or doing some training course ?

    Regarding the ECG and blood tests I reckon your GP wants to make sure you have got depression . Could be something else, like anaemia or heart problem (don't panic! as long as it is nipped in the bud early you will be OK )

    Lots of people are on 0 hour contract but like you say you can always take time off if you feelyou need it . But be careful your employer does not use it as an excuse to get rid of you . Tricky.

    Of course my poor lad , you see to be managing quite well (according to your doctor) What other choice do you have since you are living on your own ? Hope she dos not think you are a joker .

    Let me know how you are getting on . Take care .

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