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Feeling much better...there's hope for us all!

Just an update really, on how I am feeling now, following almost a year of persistent depression. I have managed to successfully halve my dose of anti-depressant medication. I am now taking 10mg of escitalopram daily, instead of 20mg. I have increased my exercise regime and joined a running club. I attended a 9 week Mindfulness course. I feel so much better about myself and more hopeful about the future (even with Donald Trump as president!). I want to thank you all for all your support and just say there is always hope. I struggled to see it throughout my episode of depression and didn't think I would ever feel mentally well again. I do now, though, and even though I know the odds of another episode in future are high, (because of the very nature of the illness), I am hoping that with my resilience learned through cbt, I will be able to cope with it better. Who knows, after over 20 years of being on anti-depressants, I may one day be free of them altogether! (Fingers crossed) xxxxxxx

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Hi Anna

That is wonderful news, it is inspiring to hear how far you have come.

It gives me hope and I am sure it will for a lot of others on here.

Have a lovely weekend.



Thank you, Matt! Hope you're looking after yourself and feeling better...have a lovely weekend too...



Anna3008, it's so good to hear about improvement! Keep moving forward!!

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