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Dark Reflections

Dark Reflections

We need light in order to create darkness

It takes the power of light to make darkness happen

Without light, there can be no darkness

When we dive into our mind

What exactly can we see

Is there hope or inspiration

Is there an emotional abdication

What is the cause of my misery

Can the answers be found checking my history

What is the path that I must choose

I can’t decide for I may lose

My reality has altered

My mental state has faltered

If only I was able to cry

I can’t you see cos I’m a guy

I am the rock you rely on me

I am the one who must simply be

Supporting others to hell with me

And yes you know that’s where I’ll be

Why can’t you see this pain I carry

This awful burden is my adversary

You think this is just arbitrary

In a wooden box it’s me you’ll carry

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That's one hell of a post 😳


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